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Picked up my friend at 11.10am on Saturday morning and we headed off from Motherwell. Joined the motorway and I know for the next 1 hour it would be a constant 60mph…great!! We travelled over the Erskine Bridge which has great views by the way!...then started gradually heading north..


The views were amazing. Driving beside Loch Lomond, although I couldn’t appreciate too much as I was driving but it was great having the loch on my right hand side with the sun splitting the skies! We eventually got to Oban about 3hrs later, it usually would take about 2, 2.

5hrs but because I’d never been on this road before I wasn’t putting the foot down - also you want to enjoy the scenery!. Oban was lovely and really busy but I guess it was a Saturday. So we parked the car as our ferry wasn’t for like another couple of hours. We went for something to eat and then a walk. Walked towards the pier to see guys fishing which was very relaxing until I looked down and saw fish still alive and flipping themselves over. We continued walking in and over to a wee museum all of the war and history of Oban. Not my cup of tea, but it was free and well, we had a few hours to kill. Fast forward a few hours later and we returned to the car and decided to head for the ferry. Our ferry wasn’t until 6pm and we got to the wee man about 5pm, however this worked in our favour cause it meant we were one of the first people off the boat at the other end - I hate waiting on other people! Sat in my car listening to music and I could feel myself falling asleep, then I jumped and that woke me up. Have you noticed that happens to everyone?...You nod off and then all of a sudden jump and you wonder...I hope no one saw that - when really they did!! Hehe


So got on board the ferry and off we set to the Isle of Mull…the adventure continues!

Petra2111 says:
Hope to go there some time!
Posted on: Feb 06, 2009
bkretzer says:
This is probably a dumb question from a landlocked Coloradan, but what is a "wee man"? Sounds like someone Snow White would have around.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2009
n1923056 says:
Thanks for the blog, it was nice to hear your comments.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
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Waiting to get on the ferry over t…
Waiting to get on the ferry over …
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