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My luck almost ran out.  Almost.

I've been flying one way tickets into every country - often getting warnings from the airline agents - as every country has in its immigration/customs fine print statements requiring visitors provide proof of entry AND exit.  For 99% of my trip, I've been booking my outgoing tickets while inside the given country - which is not exactly "right" per se.  My only exception was Israel - due to their no nonsense reputation.  They were the lone exception, until today.  Now we can add New Zealand to the list.  Although un-voluntarily...

After standing at the very back of a LONG queue, the ticket lady in Sydney's airport would not give me a boarding pass unless I delivered hard proof of an outgoing NZ flight.  Long story short, having done my research beforehand, I knew what airline I wanted to fly.  So I raced to the Air Canada office (not to be confused with the ticket counter), charmed my way into good graces of the handful of nice ladies working there, used one of their personal laptops, booked a flight online, then used their local system/printer to provide an outgoing flight itinerary.  Completely unorthodox I assure you and done at the VERY last minute under a fair bit of duress.  Had I missed that flight, I would have had to wait 2 days before it flew again.  So to the generous staff at Air Canada, I salute you.

So I guess you could say my luck still stands - maybe as evident now as ever.
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photo by: Fulla