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Ready for the long haul!
We were kind of dreading today because we had to check out of our hotel at 1:00 and our train ride up to Dharamsala wasn't until 9:20pm--which left us a whole day in Delhi, a city that we aren't too fond of. I hate to be so negative about it, but Larry and I don't even like being in big cities in the US, so add in lots of wierd smells, pollution, overpopulation, poverty, gawking, etc and well....it just isn't our cup of tea.  Plus, it is really easy to get lost and that is the last thing you want to do here...look like a lost tourist!

We decided to be at the hotel as much as possible....After checkout, we took an autorickshaw to the government shopping emporiums, which we really enjoyed.
Its really more comfortable than it looks!
They were inside, with AC and no real bartering to be done. We bought a few nice things and were ready to head back to our hotel to grab our packs that we had stored there. However, apparently we had gone a little farther away than we thought and absolutely no one around us (not the rickshaw or taxi drivers) knew where our hotel was. So, needless to say it took a while to get back to the Florence Inn.

We had our last fantastic meal at the hotel (we really couldn't get enough of their Indian cuisine) and headed to the Old Delhi train station. The station was pretty crowded and the most difficult thing for us was trying to figure out which of the sea of platforms our train was going to depart from. We eventually just asked someone at the help desk since none of signs that we saw were in English. We passed the time by playing cards and after about 2 hours we were happy to get on board in the 2nd class, with AC (which turned out to be a fan-but it  got the job done!). There was another young couple and a small family sharing our sleeping area so we felt very comfortable. By then it was around 10:00 pm, so off to sleep in our bunks we went, Larry with his legs wrapped up in his pack like a burrito and me using mine as a pillow (since we didn't buy any locks)...anxiously awaiting our arrival in Pathankot in the morning.
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Ready for the long haul!
Ready for the long haul!
Its really more comfortable than i…
Its really more comfortable than …
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