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The best hotel in Kathmandu :)

Today was another travel day (sense a theme yet?). We were sad to leave Hotel Utse, as well as the Thamel district of Kathmandu. We had grown fond and comfortable with our surroundings, and the idea of heading to the big, bad city of Delhi wasn't something we were looking forward to. But all good things must come to and end, and the ending of our stay at Utse was one that Larry and I will hold close to our hearts. The elderly woman who took care of us so well at Hotel Utse took the same car that we did for our ride to the airport. When she got out at her stop, she looked at both of us and offered her thanks and well wishes. She pulled 2 traditional white satin scarves from her bag and and wrapped them around our necks. It was an unexpected event that took both Larry and I by surprise. Leaving Kathmandu had just gotten a lot harder.

Once at the airport, everything went smoothly. The flight was near turbulance free (praise the lord) and on our arrival in Delhi we were greeted by our driver (double praise the lord) who took us to another familiar place, the Florence Inn. The drive in was far different than when we first came to Delhi, which was around 11pm. This time, it was about 6pm, and the city was still bustling. We were shocked to see the neighborhood around Florence Inn, which we had only seen as empty and dirty, was filled with shops and people. Larry and I looked at each other, somewhat with amazement. Could this possibly be the same place we stayed before? The atmosphere rejuvinated us a little bit. We went from hesitant to excited, looking forward to tomorrow.

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The best hotel in Kathmandu :)
The best hotel in Kathmandu :)
New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic