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Kerry - We took the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and it was a really comfotable way to travel .WE have since met people who did not have as nice an experience as us, but we really enjoyed it. The train is made of up seats on the bottom, that fold down into beds and beds on the top that are pushed away in the morning. The carriage was pretty full, but was not very noisy - probably because the noise of the train drowned out everything else. We met the Spanish family that we had met in Kanchanaburi and chatted to them and played with the kids before we decided to head to bed around 11pm. Was woken up at around 9am, and had slelpt pretty well considfering. Was a much better option than taking the bus! The scenery the next day was lovely - was passed lush green paddy fields and greenery. We arrived in Chiang Mai at arounf 2pm and checked into our guesthouse - Seven Suns, which was really nice - aircon and tv (we treated ourselves this time.) Then we set about booking a cooking course for the next day and set about finding a good trek to do. Chiang Mai is a really nice town, laid back and not as busy or spread out as Bangkok, so much nicer to spend time here. There are lots of temples dotted all around as well as bars and guest houses, but it does not feel too touristy.

We bumped into Jose and Ornella again here and so spent the evening with them wandering the ngiht bazzar, which was pretty good and also cheaper than that in Bangkok, but we are trying not to buy too much as we will then have to carry it round with us for a few more weeks. So we are being restrained at the moment! Had an excellent Chocolate and banana pancake as well!

Our cookiong course the next day at the Chiang Mai Cookery School was really enjoyable. We left feeling veryt very full! The day started with an introduction to the main ingredients of Thai food and then we started to cook, our menu was Tom Yam Soup - Thai fish cakes , Thai green curry and Pad thai, followed by Minced chicken salad and waterchesnuts in coconut cream. Everything was really yummy and didn;t take that loing to make,altough at home we will not have all the ingredients ready chopped for us! we left feeling very happy, but also sleepy from all the food. I had to take a nap! The effets of the chilli cme back to haunt us a bit later on that evening, but was still worth it!

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