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International waters: Good bye Sri Lanka!
ANDREI - The wedding organising is over!  A short, 3 and a half hour flight saw us arrive safely in Bangkok at 8pm local time.  I always get a wierd feeling when I arrive in a foreign city at night.  The darkness and the city lights shining down below as we come in to land makes me think it's more forbidding than it actually is.  This time, the contrast was that we had been rather caught up in organising the wedding blessing in Sri Lanka and now there is a void in our lives to be filled by backpacking and laying around.

KERRY- We arrived in style at the Marriott hotel resort and spa, which is the nicest hotel i have ever stayed in!! It was lovely - we were upgraded to a riverside view and were also treated to a fruit basket and cake wishing us happy honeymoon! We were also told we could have access to the free drinks and canapes each day in the Club Lounge as Andrei had so many Marriott points.
International waters: Crazy colours in the stratosphere 1.
We quicky got changed and then had a stroll around the hotel to see what other delights were on offer. The pool looked really inviting, but we saved that for another day.
We spent the next couple of days taking in the sights and smells of the city! It is really really hot here - much hotter than Sri Lanka was! We organised our visas for the rest of our trip into Vietman, Laos and Cambodia and found out we have to stay here till next Tues. We had hoped to get up North quickert than that, but no such luck! so we decided to book on a 2 day tour to Kanchanaburi -where the River Kwai is as well as stay on a raft lodge for the night.

We visited Jim Thompsons house (an American who came to Thailand and set up his own silk emporium) took a boat trip down the river and checked out the shopping district, where we will stock up on goodies when we return to Bangkok in a few weeks to go home! The shopping area - Siam Sq really reminded me of Tokyo, it is very developed and westernised.
International waters: Crazy colours in the stratosphere 2.
In fact the whole of Bangkok is a lot more developed than i imagined it to be - but then maybe that's because we had come from Sri Lanka, which really is very underdeveloped.

We also went to see the Grand Palace - although despite our efforts to get there first thing in the morning to avoid lots of the crowds we ended up arriving at Lunch time and at the height of the heat of the day! This was thanks to 2 'informative' Thai men who told is the palace was closed until 1pm everyday and so then thought we should take a tuk tuk to see 2 other temples and then come back - obvioustly taking in a shopping store on the way to get some commission and petrol coupons ! This is a common scam in bangkok and becomes very tiresome. We told our driver we did not want to go, which he did not like and so drove of leaving us at one temple.
Marriott Resort & Spa: A nice touch for our honeymoon.
We get a taxi in the end, who still took us to the shops, but charged us the same price! he was the preson who then infomred us that the palace was in fact open all day!!! I was not amused! Scams are much more frequent here than in South America and it taints your view of the country.

the Grand Palace was great though and well worth seeing, so we were glad we made it there in the end!

We have also been enjoying the street food, which is so cheap and very tasty, and so far pretty safe!

We treated ourselves to one day of lazing around our luxurious hotel before leaving the hotel on Saturday to check into a guest house near the famous backpacker strip that is the  Khoasan Road. We were bought down to earth with a bump- a fan in the room and no added extras or luxuries! Oh well..... we will survive!

FaveSis says:
I'm glad you guys arrived safely. We look forward to following your progress. Take care and have a fab time.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
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