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Boracay is one of the country's hottest summer destination, where stars and those wanting to meet stars come together. BUt so much for the hype about this temptation island...

I happened to set foot there last week. It was my first time (yeah...yeah...after 21 years!)

Anyway, before i spill my tale, first thing's first! My Bora trip was sponsored by JG Summit, Cebu Pacific and Boracay Tropics (definitely one of Bora's nicest haven!)

Well... let me proceed..

Boracay as we know has always been described as an island paradise like no other. Filled with funfare and every aspect of the word "FUN" that you can think of.

Yeah, no way denying its beauty especially its beach and long stretch of white sand (around 7. something meters)...Gosh it was indeed captivating. First time i have walked in a stretch that long and in a sand that white.

But here's a catch! The water had mosses or "lumot." Walking along the beach you'll see those green slimy things floating on the clear waters.. yes!it's crystal clear, no pebbles but underneath you can clearly see the white sand and of course your reflection (minus the "lumot")

Yes i also agree Boracay is not your typical island because it is in fact an island that mixed nature with "commercialism" however if you'll ask me what the result is: it's to no avail!

There were new constructions everywhere! Walking along the beach will not give your mind some peace and quiete because there were so many people squarming (foreigners and locals alike),actually you can't barely tell because of their tanned and almost burned skin color.

Along the beach are rows of different cafes, hotels, inns, pension houses, bazaars, diners, restos, shops, etc...etc... and take note, each has different and varied concepts! Native Filipino styles, European, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, American ,Thai, and what have you; name it and you'll surely find it in the island.

Yes folks, Boracay is definitely one of the country's emerging tourism destination but its development definitely went out of control---blowing out of proportion.

Even the interior side of the island was not sparred by commercialism and "overdevelopment". Yup, u've read that right!

New development here. there and everywhere. The poor provincial town seemed to have been raped out of its wits! tsk..tsk..tsk..

But i've talked to some tourism industry stakeholders (specifically from the hotel industry) and these sources told me that the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) issued last January of this year a moratorium stopping constructions that are going on within the island because these have been destructing the environment and resulted to problems on sanitation, etc.


Well, enough of too much politicism...

In Bora, you can actually do pretty much whatever you want. Whatever you desire and be whoever you want to be. Go crazy, fool around, cheat and no one will care.

As the popular saying goes "whatever happens in Bora, stays in Bora!"

Yes, you can dance your stress away in its multiple night life havens (which is very wild and crazy), drink yourself to death, have an elicit affair and no one will stop you.

Yes folks! Boracay has a lot of stories to tell but these tales would depend upon the person (his or her experiences and perceptions)describing it.

If i may do so, Boracay for me is just another island among the country's 7, 107 islands.

I'm not saying it's not special but i prefer other islands than it.

I'm not also saying that its development is negative because locals are actually benefiting from the strong inflow of investments and tourists.

Business is really good in Bora, maybe one major reason why a lot of people have been captivated by its charm. Some of them have chosen to bum around, some decided to work there and some well, jetsetters so what can you expect? they make it as a second home, a secondary base and a sanctuary (however that helps them)...

But all in all, i had fun in Bora, although i was not so charmed with the island's beauty, i enjoyed doing a lot of firsts...

I did parasailing, i did reef walking which enabled me to walk freely beneath the seafloor as if walking in the park and exploring the diversity of the sea, i also did an unforgettable all terrain adventure going to its highest peak called Mt.

Luho riding the so-called "all-terrain vehicle," a four wheel vehicle that is way too cool especially for bumpy roads...

In my Bora trip, there are a lot of stories to share because i experienced a lot of new things and of course met and bonded with new friends...

Anyway you look at it, my Bora trip will definitely be remembered for the rest of my life! :-D


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photo by: Deats