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Jason hangs our laundry to dry.

          Today was a bit of a nothing day, considering that we really didn't do too much outside of Sim's Cozy Garden Hostel. We began the day with a breakfast of chocolate oatmeal and French toast, followed by a long-distance phone call to my sister to wish her a happy birthday. We then did a second load of laundry and read our books in the garden before returning to hang our wet clothes on a line to dry.

          With our clothing hanging on a line, we headed out on foot, and with a map in hand, hoping to find the international post office. We were toting a bag of souvenirs that we were planning to ship home, and therefore lighten our load.

I like to read and write out by the gardens at our hostel.
We found the post office, recieved help packaging our box, and then learned that it was costing us 890 RMB to ship the package to California! Jason was in shock, so it looks as though we may not be purchasing too many more souvenirs, including my desired dragon figurines. How upsetting this is!

          We then ventured toward the street in search of a taxi. As we stood at the taxi stop, I noticed a bicyclist pedaling by with two large crates piled in the cart behind him. As he slowly pedaled past me, I noticed that each of the crates was packed tightly with numerous adorable, white bunnies. My first concern was the fact that they were crammed in so tightly and that it was a very hot day outside and I was concerned about their well-being.

Jason is using the internet in our hostel's bar/restaurant.
Then I became much more concerned about where they were heading and the fate that was most likely awaiting them. Jason tried to convince me that they were probably being taken to a pet shop where they would find homes with excited Chinese children, but all I could imagine was rabbit soup.

           With both of us feeling a little down (Jason due to the cost of shipping the package and myself because of the rabbits), we grabbed a taxi and were off in search of the Tibetan streets near the WuHou Temple. The area consists of several streets where Tibetans have set up shop, selling all sorts of Tibetan and Buddhist souvenirs, such as prayer wheels and Buddha figurines. Although we didn't purchase anything, we had a good time wandering around the streets amongst the eclectic crowd.

          We returned to the hostel at around 2 o'clock, where we spent the remainder of the day enjoying a noodle lunch, writing and reading in the gardens, using the internet to communicate with family, and packing for our Tibetan adventure, which we embark upon in the morning.

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Jason hangs our laundry to dry.
Jason hangs our laundry to dry.
I like to read and write out by th…
I like to read and write out by t…
Jason is using the internet in our…
Jason is using the internet in ou…
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