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The train ride wasn't much fun!

         Today was an excrutiatingly long day, considering that we were forced to spend its entirety sitting on two uncomfortable bunk beds in a cabin with two complete strangers who don't speak our language. We ate only two protein bars and a couple of oreos, and drank only a couple sips of water all day because we quickly determined that the train bathroom was a horrid place that was to be avoided at all costs. I won't even begin to describe the state of the bathrooms, for fear of offending or making any readers ill.

          Our day consisted largely of sitting on our bunks and reading our books, and reading some more, and reading yet again. And as we read our books, we had the pleasure of listening to a rather gross habit of men from this country. I was warned ahead of time, from numerous travel books and documentaries, about the spitting problem in China. Not fifteen minutes would go by when we didn't hear someone coughing up who knows what from their throats and spitting it who knows where. So this was basically how we spent our day: reading and listening to a disgusting chorus of spit outside our cabin door. Before we knew it, the day was growing dark and we were approaching our last night on the train. Thank goodness!

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The train ride wasnt much fun!
The train ride wasn't much fun!
photo by: spocklogic