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Jason is buying flatbread at Dazhalan.

         Although our original plans for the day involved a return trip to the flea market, we had to quickly alter our plans when the cab driver informed us that it was not opened on Mondays. Therefore, the taxi driver took us to Dazhalan, a market crammed with silk outlets, tea shops, and medicine and clothing specialists. Today would be our last full day in the country, and since we still had a few souvenirs on our list, we had to make one last trip to the chaotic market. Once we were satisfied with all of our purchases, we took the subway back to our hostel, where we ate lunch, used the internet, and sadly packed a few of our bags.

        At about three o'clock, we suantered down the alleyway of our hutong, on the way to the Lama Temple, when something hanging from a tree caught my eye.

These adorable bunnies are in a cage hanging from a tree!
At closer inspection, I noticed that it was a cage, suspended in the air, with three adorable bunnies eating a carrot inside. They must be the pets of a family from our hutong, who wanted to give the bunnies some fresh air, so they hung the cage in the tree so that the cuddly creatures would be free of any predators. I reached up to pet the furry animals for a bit before continuing on towards the Tibetan Buddhist temple down the street.

        Inside, the Lama Temple overflowed with colorful tapestries, frescoes, statuary, incsense smoke, and prostrating worshippers. The most amazing sight that the temple had to offer was the 26 meter-high Maitreya Buddha, found in the last hall. The gigantic figure, which nearly scrapes the tall ceiling, is carved from a single piece of sandalwood.

There were many worshippers at the Lama Temple.
We spent no more than half an hour in the temple complex, since, by now, we were starting to believe that once you've seen one Buddhist temple, you've seen them all. I experienced similar feelings after touring through countless cathedrals in Europe.

        Later in the evening, we returned to Wanfujing Street and the Night Market. To get there, we walked down our street, which was lined with temporary wall structures that hid piles of trash and rubble from the tourists. I guess it is easier for the city to block their trash from view than it is to actually clean it up.

       Once on the populated pedestrian street, we entered into a large jewelry market, where Jason lovingly let me pick out some pearls! We then returned to the Night Market for more food on a stick, or sick on a stick as my dad calls it, even though the last trip caused me to feel quite ill.

We spent our last evening on Wanfujing Street.
We once again ordered the fried cream balls, which we thoroughly enjoyed, but we lost our appetite when we came across a stand selling dog meat soup, so we rapidly exited in protest and disgust.

      We then enjoyed an ice cream as we sat along the crowded Wanfujing Street and engaged in some people watching, savoring our last evening our in China.

       When we reluctantly entered the subway station, on our way back to our hostel, Jason was beginning to grow annoyed with the people, who truly don't understand the concept of staying in line and waiting your turn. We have noticed this annoying habit when waiting in line at security checks, airports, and taxi lines. Any time a line makes a turn, wrapping around in the opposite direction, we have learned that it is a necessity to make a sharp turn, because if you swing wide, three or four fully grown men and women will shuffle in ahead of you as if it is completely normal.

Jason bought some more fried cream balls at the night market.

        So, Jason was already annoyed with the surrounding people in the subway station when we were crammed into a crowded subway car and were rapidly approaching our stop. We were standing a few rows of people back from the door when he looked over at me and told me that he was going to stampede through everyone if people didn't move out of his way. I laughed, assuming he was joking at the time.

         Our car came to a stop and the sliding doors flung open. I noticed Jason attempting to gently and politely slip through a group of stubborn individuals, but no one was willing to budge. The next thing I noticed was Jason shoving the entire clump of people who blocked him, out the door with him. I stood there in shock as people yelled out "oooh!" and "oh my gosh!" and there was Jason bulldozing through all of the shocked obstacles in his way. People were stumbling all over the place, trying to catch their balance, and those that were pushed out the door were scurrying back in, still unsure of exactly what just happened. Meanwhile, I was in such a state of disbelief and slight embarrasment, that I hadn't exited the car yet, and everyone had already filled in the hole Jason had created a few seconds earlier. I had to shove myself through the crowd, creating a second ripple of disruption, yet not nearly to the same magnitude as Jason's exit.

        All of the way back to the hostel, all I could do was laugh hysterically at the scene I replayed over and over in my mind. If we were going back home tomorrow morning, I sure was glad that we were ending our honeymoon on a good belly laugh!

luotai says:
The measure you took on the subway showed that you had figured out some of the way of existence in China, haha!
Posted on: May 24, 2012
luotai says:
It is a pity that you didn't go to some else place where may be more suitable for your honeymoon in China. For instance Jiuzhaigou(Chinese for “Nine Tibetan Village Valley”), Huanglong, LiJiang, and Xianggelila etc. All these tourist attraction are very nice, Spectacular scenery everywhere. Anyway, those cities you've been also had much interesting things.
Welcome you to come to China again!
Posted on: May 24, 2012
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Jason is buying flatbread at Dazha…
Jason is buying flatbread at Dazh…
These adorable bunnies are in a ca…
These adorable bunnies are in a c…
There were many worshippers at the…
There were many worshippers at th…
We spent our last evening on Wanfu…
We spent our last evening on Wanf…
Jason bought some more fried cream…
Jason bought some more fried crea…
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