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My cousin's wedding with my parents!
So my cousin (well not really but for all intensive purposes...) got married and my family road tripped to Athens, Georgia.
We used to make this pilgrimage every year to go to the lake house. There are three families. Our fathers have been friends since basically the 2nd grade (they all turn 60 this year), all with daughters, 5 of us and we're all in order, I'm the youngest currently at 24, then the next is 25, 26, 27, and the oldest is 28. Don't ya think our dad's loved us!? At the lake house we would spend a week playing around, skiing, tubing, making really bad videos and then developed the Kamp Krugman Games- think Olympics but not nearly as athletic. And from the real Olympics, held in Atlanta in 1996 developed an inside joke.
Stein Family
My aunt got these really, really, REALLY tacky mugs and we would try and hide them so the other families had possession of them!
In 2002 my cousin, the one that got married, gave me a mug "disguised" painted with my college logo- awesome, can't get rid of it, if I had a mantel it would be on it. Cut to her wedding, I had to go big or go home! Needless to say there is a very tacky mug painted on her mantel and she loves it!
The wedding itself was beautiful and very interesting. It was the merger of two great southern football tycoons (no, I"m not making this up, it's what the father of the groom said). He was a Clemson boy and she was an UGA girl...this theme was repeated through all the dinners and showers and right through to the wedding when there was a Clemson paw cake! Anyway, we danced the night away and had a wonderful time!
The next morning my parents drove off to Charleston, SC and I had to go home, back to work :(!
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My cousins wedding with my parent…
My cousin's wedding with my paren…
Stein Family
Stein Family
My family!
My family!
Brides sister and maid of honor!
Bride's sister and maid of honor!
The families!
The families!
photo by: WildwoodCorgis