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Not much to report today. I am just relocating from one hotel to another. The one I stayed in last night was just a holding spot since I could not get an extra night at Misty Hills (where I am staying tonight).

On the way to the new hotel, I did get to stop at Clearwater Harley Davidson (where I rented my bike last year).  Nothing has changed, still the same friendly place I remember. What was cool is that I did get to see one of the bikers I met last year from Soldiers for Jesus. He works at the Harley Dealorship.  I went up to talk with him and he recognized my face but could not place where he knew me from. When I reminded him, he was all smiles.  Though he is not riding with Soldier any longer, he said he and his family are doing well.

Rest of the day was spent traveling to the new hotel and getting settled.

During the evening, I met a wonderful couple in the small internet cafe and we must have talked for almost 2 hours.  They were amazed that they met somone else who actually thinks the same way they do about religious, church, bible, etc.  They asked me if I was available on Sunday afternoon if I would like to have lunch with them. We exchanged phone numbers and I told them that I would give thm a call as soon as I returned from Hartebeedpoort Dam. They seemed very excited about us having more time together. I am also!

I have dinner at the most incredible restaurant tonight. I went to a place called Carnivore. Of course, if you read into the name you will know thye server MEAT!  Of course, you can get beef, chicken and pork. But you can also get Gammon (ham like, Ostrich, Wldebeast, Impala, Kudu and Zebra.  I had them all!!  Woohoo...  the meal was like eating at Rio in N. Raleigh.  As long as the flag is still up at the table, they keep bringing you more meat.  The meat is served on skewers and carved at your table.. Very cool... and oh, I forgot.. you can have crocodile also...!! I have to say my favorites were crocodile and wildebeast.... very nice flavor!
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