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Raves first:
-Signs are in English everywhere.
-The subway (MTR) is so easy to get around, you're never more than 10 or 15 minutes from a station but usually less, and the exits all have signs that tell you what attraction or street is at each lettered exit.
-From almost anywhere in the city, you are within a half an hour of skyscrapers and packed urban life or a serene, lush mountain or beach. I hate feeling like I'm in the middle of nowhere, but love getting close to nature.
High/low fashion is everywhere. You can get knockoffs on one side of the subway station or the real thing just across the street, and mixing it up is what makes it fun.

-The signs may be in English, but they have little relation to the Cantonese version of the street name, so only another non-Cantonese speaker has any hope of knowing where, say Wellington Street might be.
-Clothes dryers are practically unheard of. While I don't usually mind saving some energy, stuff never dries if it's left out on the line, and if it's raining and I hang it in my room, well three days later, my not-quite-dry clothes smell fusty.
-Where are the veggies? I miss tomatoes, veggie burgers, spinach, cucumbers, etc.
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