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Twice this week I went to Cheung Chau Island, once to explore and once to enjoy it. It's a 45 minute ferry ride from Central to get to Cheung Chau on the regular ferry, or 30 minutes on the fast ferry. The fast costs a bit more, but has more comfortable seats. On Tuesday, the afternoon was clear after a morning rain shower, and so it was pretty much us and the locals on the island. I had some great bean cake and "Cheung Chau-style" fried rice with dried shrimp that I would recommend.

On Saturday, the island was much more tourist-filled, as I saw at least three big groups walking around. That's a lot for one small island, so if I come back I will do it on a weekday for certain. However, to escape it all I rented a canoe and rowed out into the ocean. It was amazing to get away from everything and explore a bit. Even on a hazy day, I could see Hong Kong Island and the power plant at Lamma, as well as various ferries and fishing boats passing by. Away from the main beaches, Tung Wan and Afternoon, it was just me, the birds, and a couple fishermen on the rocky coast. I'm no earth scientist, but the rocks were interesting to look at and I found a small waterfall too. You can also rent a windsurfing board there or ret a bike for the day and ride to the top of the lookout point back to Hong Kong. The markets were expensive on the main drag, the Praya, but less-so if you walked into the island a bit, and I ended the day with a potato sliced into rounds and fried on a stick- very tasty. This was an interesting way to spend one of Hong Kong's usual overcast, sprinkling rain sort of days and a nice way to escape the hustle of the city.
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