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Jet lag really is a bitch. Up all night, early in the morning I finally met my coworker for that 15 hour icebreaker of a flight. An hour or so of sleep and several so-so movies later, were in Hong Kong. A word of advice: ignore the taxi offers before you get outside of the airport. The driver had a slick grey minivan with leather seats and more decor on his dashboard than a '60s Shag'n'wagon.
$500 Hong Kong dollars later, we arrived at our accommodation and checked ourselves in. Shortly, the boss and the ceo appear to greet me, and we're off to the mall. Malls are everywhere here- conveniently and tragically located at the entrance to every subway station. I'd left all of my toiletries behind in order to pass the airlines' luggage restrictions, so I bought some enormous, bulk-sized shampoo and body wash, as well as the most expensive tube of sunscreen: watch for my SPF 70 to not do its job in a later episode.
Back at the room, I gazed longingly into the pool of our neighbors at Mount Beacon. Their enormous pool is divided into multiple sections, some covered, some not, some with fountains, others with tables and chairs, all empty. Completely empty, torturing me as I waited impatiently for the AC to kick in. Hong Kong is a pretty humid city, yet that water comes at a premium price, and I've been plotting how to get in ever since. Eventually all the scheming forced me to drop into bed and retire my first day in HK.
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