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Who would know the events that would transpire that day long ago.  The morning was so clear as the sun rose above the horizon.  The day was just as any other day, or so it seemed. Checking the nets, while greeting fellow shipmates boarding, the young sailor stopped and looked up into the sky.  There it was shining bright the eastern star.  For every sailor knew that star...it was that star that led them home every night.  Oh God, how beautiful you are!  Lord be with us today, grant us many, many fish and make our way the young sailor said.   Finally the order was given "Set the Sails" and out to sea they began.  Talk of land lovers wondering how they could ever live that way, fill the deck, as the ship set its course to the open sea.  Hours passed since the land had disappeared; the nets had been laid and all seemed well.  Fish and more fish just seemed to jump into the ship, as cheerful sailors filled the ships hull.


Suddenly without warning the skies turned black, waves began to brake and tension gripped the crew. " How can this be?" men jeered as the nets were pulled in and secured.  The wind howled and the waves crashed as some fish made their escape.  Rain suits on and every man at his station.  Each sailor was shaken.  Fear arose as the sun began to set.  How can we see!  Which way should we go!  For all they could see was darkness all around them.  "BRING THE BUCKETS WE'RE TAKING ON WATER" yelled through the darkness.  One could barely see two feet in front of you.  What of the catch would they stay; would we survive...wondered the young sailors heart.  With tears in his eyes and with such passion he cried out loud!  GOD MAKE THE WAY KNOWN!  As others turned to hear.  The storm got worse, the poor ship was tossed about to and fro.  Hope began to sink for all seemed lost when out of the darkness shown a light from heaven.  A shaft of light had broken through the clouds...it was the biggest most beautiful star...it was the eastern star. 





The Captain yelled out STARBOARD HO, causing the ship to point EASTWARD.  The storm seemed less as Thanks and Praise was given to God.  With hope renewed still the night seemed it would never end.  Then once again the star disappeared behind the thick dark clouds.  Some were surprised, others in shock.  What do we do now Lord! asked the young sailor.  Which way do we turn, how far is land.  Some said turn right, some left and still others, said go straight.  No sign, no clue of where we were, would we crash into the rocks or sink at sea.  Then a still small voice spoke "PORT".  Helmsmen turn Port {left}. Another spoke yes captain Port, then another and another.  "Port she be" spoke the captain.  What was this everyone agreed!  What next Lord?  How far port should we turn?  Slowly the ship turned and then a loud cry "LAND HO" as a light pierced the darkness and showed the way.  It was a lighthouse.  NO CAPTAIN yelled the young sailor WE WILL ALL BE KILLED.  Shipmates became hostile speaking word of craziness, for that lighthouse was near.  Running as fast as he could the young sailor ran to the helmsmen.  Josh trust me!  The rocks! Lighthouses were built on Rocks!  spoke the young sailor.  Josh turned the wheel with speed...hating to hear words that soon would come.  What are you doing have you gone mad!  You need to go that way...towards the light.  Captain the waves will push us into the rocks we will all perish! Josh spoke.  [For you see, there is a way that seems right unto man but it leads to death and destruction.]  THROW THE ANCHOR yelled the Captain.  With a wave unlike the waves that surrounded them, a wave of Peace came upon the young sailor so he threw the anchor.  Could we wait, would the anchor hold what was the next move?  Thirty minutes passed then sunlight broke through.  THE CHANNEL IS JUST AHEAD CAPTAIN!  Anchor up, we moved once again, this time for the smooth waters of Home.  You see the channel had land on both sides so the sea broke on one side as smooth water was on the other side.  Home!  We made it and many Fish were Saved through the hard and treacherous waters


As an old salt now, let me tell you how God taught me Guidance that dreadful day.  You see the Almighty used the Heavens, His still small voice, confirmation [thru agreement with those on board] and Peace by waiting being Anchored in Hope (Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil)  Jesus got me home that day.  He will guide you home if you only obey.  Happy Sailing and may your boats be filled with fish (Souls) when you pull in (home/ heaven).  Think about it!

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photo by: esterrene