The King and His Child

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The King and His Child

by Dave Bell

October 18, 1995


The King searched the whole nation looking for a child that He could call His own.  He searched in the North; He searched in the East, but no child was seen that He could impart His love to, and raise as His own. 


Winter was bitter cold but the heart of the King was warm enough to keep the Royal Family warm through the long bitter winter. 


Lifting up His eyes to Heaven and bowing his knees, he asked the Father of Life for a child. "Oh Father that I might have a child to carry my name and yet not my name only, but yours as well Lord.  Hear my cry oh God, give me a Son; and not a son only but your wisdom to teach him to be a man after your own heart.  That you would use me to teach him how to love deeply; to be strong and yet gentle; to have humility in honor; to know discipline not in anger but in love; and most of all Father that he might know You."  Wiping the tears off of his face he suddenly noticed a Shaft of Light lighting up the room.  Walking to the window he set his gaze Westward ‑‑‑


Spring could not arrive soon enough as the King waited with great anticipation to search Westward for a child to call His own.  Even at a fast pace the horses could not move the chariot as fast as the King wanted to go.  After a few days journey he came upon a small village.  A minister recognized the King and came to his aid, watered his horses, and led the King to a place he could rest and eat to regain his strength.  But the King with great strength in Heart would not rest but asked if there was a child that had no one to raise him.  The minister surprised, looked at the King and said Yes; a woman had a child three days ago with no husband and came to me for help.  The King quickly ran to find the child.  Finding the baby boy he quickly pick him up and held him close.


By this time the people of the village was gathered in the town assembly.  The King walk to the center of the meeting, a place for mere commoners, He raised the child as high as he could then with a loud voice He cried out unto the Lord.  "Oh God, I give you this child that you have given unto me. I call him my own only because of You; be well pleased in him and in me Lord."  The villagers hearts where stirred with praise to God for such a King.  For now the King had a Son, he could Love, and call His Own!


Dad,  Thank You for your Love:  To Mom‑‑for you have taught me how to love as a husband should love.   To Me‑‑in disciplining me not in anger but in Love‑‑That is God's Heart you have shared.  To Others‑‑ by Loving others you have taught me not to be selfish but to have compassion for those in genuine need.  In business you have taught me to have integrity; to be a Man not only of my word but His Word as well.  For without you DAD, I would never be the Man God has made me to be!                    


 Dad, God is well Pleased, and so am I!


I Love You Dearly,


Your Son

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photo by: esterrene