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After the varied events of yesterday, today consisted mainly of travelling back to Frankfurt on the train.  Unfortunately for the purposes of an interesting travel blog nothing much happened on the journey.  We walked back to the station (thankfully without the frozen rain), caught an earlier train than we planned and got back to Frankfurt in plenty of time.


The two main aims for the rest of the day were to get me booked into Hotel Niederrad and ensconce ourselves in Escobar to watch football.


I've stayed in Hotel Niederrad on a number of occasions, often enough to believe that I could have a loyalty card!  This time however they chucked me a right curve ball when they announced that I was the only person booked into the hotel at all so they were going to shut over New Year.  Not a good start!


Thankfully they weren't just going to throw me out onto the street - they have, it now transpires, a house that backs onto the hotel which they obviously use as some sort of overspill area and they were suggesting that I could stay in there, minus breakfast but at a much reduced rate.


To be honest this turned out to be a very good deal indeed as it was like having my own flat in Frankfurt.  The rooms were nice enough and had all the facilities required and I could let myself in and out with my own key - perfect really as I wasn’t planning on having breakfast at the hotel anyway.


Having checked into my new pad there was time for a kip and a wash and brush up before we set off for the most important event of the day:


Sheffield United v Arsenal!!


Some may call it sad, some may call it obsession, some may call it perfectly normal but I hate going on holiday during the football season!!  I have a season ticket for Sheffield United and I really don't like to miss any games.


Fortunately the timings of this trip meant that I would only be away for one home game.  Unfortunately it was to be the one against Arsenal.


Thankfully the game was being televised on Sky back home so the search was on to find somewhere to watch it on Saturday evening.  And so Escobar comes to the rescue.  Having negotiated a showing of the game when we were here the other day we seated ourselves in a prime spot for viewing pleasure.


I had convinced myself that it wasn't too bad missing this game as we had no chance of winning and were more likely to get thumped.  It didn’t turn out that way however:- instead this turned into a classic of Blades folklore.  A fantastic performance from a mixed bag of squad players, a dismal and petulant performance from the Arse, a midfielder in goal for us for the last half hour and best of all Christian Nade racing clear just before half time and slotting the ball past the helpless Jens Lehmenn.  Cue me standing up and bellowing and punching the air with excitement.  Cue the other customers warily looking round to see what all the fuss was.


The other incident of note whilst we were here (aside from the lovely staff and the free celebratory cocktails they gave us) was a German family who turned up and left their baby outside in it's pram whilst they sat inside drinking.  Now I assume the baby was asleep and they didn’t want to wake him but surely leaving a child outside in the cold and damp whilst you 'kept an eye on him' through the window isn’t the sort of thing you're supposed to do as a parent?  Is it?


They did eventually fetch him inside when he woke up and proceeded to let him crawl around on the floor under the tables!


Following all this excitement some more food was in order so we retired to the local Italian restaurant for some very un-Germanic pizza and pasta and then on to bed to dream of famous victories at Bramall Lane...

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