An Asian Walkabout (Chapter 5)

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Pantai Cenang beach was clean and serene -- I loved my morning, afternoon, and evening walks up and down its shores.

Hey gang,


Making my way from the hostel to the airport in Kuala Lumpur was not the typical journey I’d come to expect.  I won’t go into the details here, however, since I need to save some stuff to share with you in personal when I get back home.  :)  The trip resumed normality once I made it to the proper airport, airline, and gate.


I sat beside two fun, interesting, and very entertaining women on my 90 minute flight.  Katherine was a U.N. lawyer with a year contract in KL and Kelsey was ex-ski instructor from Colorado who was visiting her brother and sister-in-law (Katherine) for a few weeks (they left him behind to go have some beach fun).

Smaller islands off the coast of Langkawi as viewed from Pantai Cenang beach.
  Now both of them had had a few drinks before our flight, which might have lowered their social inhibitions, but I firmly believe they would have been a joy to sit next to even stone cold sober.


We talked about everything – life, love, happiness, and most things in between.  It was the most intimate conversation with total strangers that I’ve ever had.  I’m pretty much an open book and although I’m socially conscious enough not to broach certain topics, I have no problems discussing anything about myself or others if they choose.  And they chose.


As I write this, it’s hard for me to believe just how much of an impact that interaction had on me.  It was such an open and honest conversation.  There wasn’t a feeling of forced small talk or of masks being worn.  We were just three people baring themselves to one another in a very comfortable, comforting way.

I was going to take a swim out to this island until I found something that had washed up onto the shore (as seen on next photo).
  Or, in a different light, we were kindred souls once separated and now reunited.


Kelsey, the single one, told me the hotel they were staying at and they both asked me to join them on the beach.  As it turned out, they were staying at the Westin, which was on the other side of the island.


I’ve begun to appreciate that as much as I’d like to stay in contact with all those that touch my life in some special way, many times it’s just not in the cards.  We walk in and out of each other’s lives.  Those that don’t stay long, I’m happy to have the memories that remain.


As they waited for their bags, we said our goodbyes in the baggage claim area and I headed out.  That would be the last time I see them.

A monster jellyfish washed up on shore.


The trek to my hotel turned out to be quite similar to my morning airport adventure.  This, too, will be told at a later date during a more intimate meeting – a double feature, if you will.  Let’s just say for now that I made some mental notes to myself regarding today’s events.


My room was huge.  Huge bed, huge shower, huge desk…  I think you get the idea; it was just huge all around.


I unpacked everything and spread it around in my huge living room area.  I hopped in the shower, which was the nicest I’d had so far, and enjoyed a long soaking in refreshingly warmish water.  I fell asleep after enjoying a few chapters from “The Theory of Poker” (poker will be a new part-time job for me, but again, that’s a story for another time).

Here’s a photo to give you a little size perspective.


I’m going to finish out by quickly summarizing.  Langkawi turned out to be 2 days and nights of utter relaxation.  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets (yeah, should have brought the camera for these, but I didn’t…), long walks along the beach, reading my books, and catching up on correspondence.


My apologies for not giving more details of these days - I’m going bungee jumping tomorrow morning and it’s late here, but I didn’t want to wait until later to finish writing this chapter because I’m running behind.  I’m a slow writer and getting busier with activities, which means less lazy time to catch-up on correspondence.  But, I do promise you some very juicy stories next time.  Yes, answers to the holiday romance questions you’ve been asking about as well as two wholly unexpected experiences that are quite out of character for me.


With love,



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Pantai Cenang beach was clean and …
Pantai Cenang beach was clean and…
Smaller islands off the coast of L…
Smaller islands off the coast of …
I was going to take a swim out to …
I was going to take a swim out to…
A monster jellyfish washed up on s…
A monster jellyfish washed up on …
Here’s a photo to give you a lit…
Here’s a photo to give you a li…
Another perspective photo of the p…
Another perspective photo of the …
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