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Hello everyone,
I hope this email finds you all happy and healthy!  :)
I was planning on sending this out a week ago and if it had, it would have been much more detailed.  But, since I procrastinated, you now get the summarized update...  ;)
As the title suggests, I'm going out of the country for a little vagabonding.  I leave tomorrow and the general path of travel will be flying into Singapore, then through Malaysia, into Thailand, a hop across to Cambodia, possibly a jaunt down to Vietnam, and then back to Bangkok where I fly home on July 31st.  No firm plans of where I'll be or what I'll be doing.  I'll just play it by ear when I get there - it should be good fun!  :D  Oh, and if it wasn't clear, I'll be traveling solo.
I should be creating a travel blog (with pictures) that you can check out at (travel blog section is at the bottom).  I will send out periodic emails to this distribution list whether or not I actually get motivated enough to create the blog.
A couple life updates: I finished the first semester of nursing school (and what an amazing group of people I'm surrounded by - I love you guys!); August 5th I'm leaving Irvine and moving to Mission Viejo right next to school (game nights will resume when I get back).  Yes, there are other updates, but this was the shortened version, remember?  Hehe, I need to start packing...
Oh, one more thing - I've talked with a few of you who collect stamps/foreign currency/post cards/etc.  Please don't hesitate to send me your mailing address if you'd like a postcard or ask me if you'd like anything at all brought back.  Well, within reasonable size limitations, that is, since I'm only traveling with a small carry-on backpack.  :)
I hope you all enjoy life in the real world while I'm off gallivanting in Southeast Asia.  ;)  *hugs*
Be well,
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photo by: hightide