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Tracy, Karin and Alice - welcoming wagon!
I really really tried.

I tried to be a hermit on Sunday, especially since I was so tired after coming back from Temecula and the strangeness that is "the Inland Empire". Different world, I tell ya. I was rationing my phone battery since I broke my charger so even better reason not to take calls or txt ppl back, right? I was all set. I was going to STAY HOME! Yes!!!!

8pm comes and Tracy calls. I should probably answer to let them know that I won't be coming. I hear 5 different crazy voices hollering in the background making it sound like a PARADE is going on. Or some crazy house party. Which it obviously is. Then Rob gets on the line and nothing short of orders me over "There are a bunch of crazy asian women attacking me! You have to come and help me!" I mentally rotate who it is I can't say no to at any given moment and today it was Rob.
Half of us trickled into our second home after 9pm..
=) Even being part of the LA Core Crew and knowing all the tricks up their sleeves, I have to say there is NO OTHER GROUP out there that makes you feel quite as special and and quite as loved. We have an amazing chemistry and before you knew it, I was throwing on some new clothes and driving to Joy's despite my pledge to live as a hermit once and for all.

So 30 minutes later and what I consider slightly reckless driving (changing lanes in front of other cars), I arrive at Joy's and Alice is on her cell. I walk into the backyard and see Karin! OKAY how are MY real life friends at Joy's house WITHOUT me?? Hahaha! Oh Lord what a blessing it is to have a woman in my life that opens her arms to both me AND my friends without a second thought. I love you Joy!! So I was quickly sandwiched by everyone in a slightly uncomfortable-body-rubbing-fashion and got a lot of kisses.
Chereese with her eyes closed and Ragnar
Oh dear god! Rob said hello and introduced me to his friend Nayil. What is up with Palestinians being really good looking?! First my work-husband Forsan who I am married to in my head, and now Nayil. Then again, I find everyone on TB to be pretty attractive in their own way!

Walking around I noticed a decanter with some funny looking glasses on the patio table. Apparently LA Core Crew decided to do SCOTCH AND CIGARS before I came (which granted was like 9pm). Splutter - what a cool evening I was soooo upset they had done this without me although I suppose a sip of scotch would have made me violently ill. Ah well, it looked so luxurious and fun!!

Karin went back to kicking Nayil's ass at pool and I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Karin came and joined me and while munching on chips and I saw someone come into the house out of the corner of my eye but thought it was Nayil admitting defeat.
Cheresse and Ragnar with his eyes closed
When I finally look up to see who it was, I see Ragnar!!!!!! WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!! I don't think I've been surprised like that since like HIGH SCHOOL and my friends used to do all these crazy things. It was such a nice surprise for him to have come back early from up North to hang out with LA crew again!!

So Sheila, Ragnar and I sat down to eat while the others drifted in. I hear the doorbell ring and go to answer it - I can't quite see who it is - just a petite girl so I open the door hoping this person isn't packing or anything. I know I'm paranoid, I grew up in NY remember?!?! IT'S CHEREESE!!!! WOOHOOO!!! What a great evening!! I love that she always comes out when invited, even if just for a few hours!! I had the opportunity to grill Chereese about some of my old fave pasttimes, which included hiphop clubs and we didn't quite get to spoken word stuff yet before different conversations started breaking out.
Joy and Rob - a little blurry
Being amongst 10 TBs is like ADD heaven, I swear. At least for me. Even dead tired I was amped up on the energy and engrossing topics.

And we ended the night in the backyard. THE END.
hirondellenhi says:
okay, i went on my travbuddy and what did I find? tons and tons of update that I haven't had the time to read all but this one!!!! Glad you have an amazing time!!!! Miss you! I'm completely cover in dirts and you are all fabs!!!! AGG!!!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2008
goldfishflosser says:
that was an awesome night that was!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
jenn79 says:
hehe =) Happy, incomplete.. whatever! =) Can't wait to see you at dinner tonight and the beach on Thurs! =)
Posted on: Jul 08, 2008
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Tracy, Karin and Alice - welcoming…
Tracy, Karin and Alice - welcomin…
Half of us trickled into our secon…
Half of us trickled into our seco…
Chereese with her eyes closed and …
Chereese with her eyes closed and…
Cheresse and Ragnar with his eyes …
Cheresse and Ragnar with his eyes…
Joy and Rob - a little blurry
Joy and Rob - a little blurry
Most of the group gathered round!
Most of the group gathered round!
Karin and Alice
Karin and Alice
lookin at pics!
lookin' at pics!
Chereese showing a dance
Chereese showing a dance
Karin ruining my pic of her..
Karin ruining my pic of her..
photo by: jenn79