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Thursday July 31st 2008 - Last day of the program. The group is rendezvousing at the clock tower in downtown Qtown in an hour. I'm sitting at a local indian joint waiting for my lunch special of paneer makhani and naan bread...mmm. Spent the last morning here in a fabulous manner. We jumped off one of the world's longest bungy's. Amazing. Different feeling than the day before. The longer jump felt more like the freefall when you skydive. That heartstomping breath holding moment where you think I'm never going to stop, I could fall forever. Then the chord catches you and you just keep going at a slower pace for a while, right through the length of the chord and by the tijme you're bouncing back up you're hands immediately go to your head and it's just like WOW I can't believe I just did that.

What a rush. We had a great day. The weather held out for us. No wind no rain. A little on the chilly side but my adrenaline kept me going. They pullyed us out on a little 6 person cart to the center of the canyon where a large pod held all the jumpers and staff. And from there, suspended on chords over the canyon walls we jumped. Techno music pumped and got your heart going similar to the feeling you get at a rave. Some people had just jumped and were grinning ear to ear, others were waiting in nervous anticipation shaking there heads muttering "what the fuck am i doing here?" Then it's my turn. They popped me in a seat and strapped on the chord. Some brief instructions follow about jumping far away and pulling the chord to release your feet on the 2nd bounce back. "yeah yeah yeah, lets do this" I shimy my way over to the edge. And 3, 2, 1...bungy! I swan dive out away from the platform reaching for the sky. Feels great. And lasts 8.5 seconds. Then you get the enjoyable, slightly nerve racking trip back up being pulled by the chord dangling over the canyon. Great stuff. So glad I experienced it.


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photo by: genetravelling