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Hell Yeah!  It was frigging awesome!  I never had a huge desire to bungy.  I was always real nervous about the damage it could have on your spine.  It seemed to me that the force of the bungy cord snapping your body back away from the direction it's falling could really mess up you up.  But here I am.  Queenstown, New Zealand the bungee jump capital of the world.  And I have the opportunity to jump off the bridge of the original jump site, put into place by the famous New Zealander bungeer AJ Hackett.  So what the hey?  May as well.  It's only my spine.  Well I have to say I loved it.  It's an amazing rush like I've never experienced before.  It's that moment when you first leap off.
  You're sailing through the air.  You made this happen, no-one is standing behind you pushing you like in Skydiving.  You're independently, voluntairly, choosing to leap away from the earth and sail through the air.  It's unbelievable.  And when you reach the end of the chord there's no feeling of whip lash.  It's just that all your insides feel like they've moved up to your throat while your body's shell is being pulled in the other direction.  Ok that doesn't sound enjoyable, but believe me it was!  Only probably was, the free fall was too short.  So.....Queenstown is also home to one of the world's longest bungee jumps.  440 ft from a cable car parked high above a canyon floor.  So....who wants to guess what Marnie's doing tomorrow!!!  Imagine that freefall.  What a great way to wake up in the morning!
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photo by: genetravelling