4th of July Fireworks Celebration (Downtown Juneau)

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More people milling around in the rain at midnight as the fireworks are set to begin

We quickly figured out it was going to be hard to get much rest since everyone was shooting off fireworks all around and we were right downtown so we heard it all.  It was ok though as everyone who knows me knows I don’t do well with actual naps (become crankier than usual) so I just goofed around online, started my blog like a good TB’er, and watched some television.  Before I knew it, it was after 11pm. 


We wandered down to the cruise ship terminal across the street and it was already starting to get packed.  It was fairly warm out earlier so I just opted for my light sweater and my flip flops still.  Yeah, not so smart.

Looking across to Douglas Island as the fireworks begin
It had been raining earlier so the docks were slick and my toes were a bit chilled.  At least I brought a sweater…Keith had to be macho in his short sleeve shirt! HA HA.  I think he was afraid of missing an opportunity for a girl to check him out. 


Once we got closer in, I quickly figured out this was not so much my type of crowd.  Pretty much everyone surrounding us were underage kids who were drunk!  Most of them were thoroughly obnoxious and cursing, smacking each other around, and just being stupid.  Keith and I both pondered if we were ever that obnoxious at that age but I don’t think I was…plus I wasn’t out drunk at 18! 


We kept moving down in hopes of finding the “older” less rowdy crowd and finally found a decent spot where we could see the fireworks from the dock.

Happy Fourth of July!
  Of course, now I got to witness the homeless guy get pummeled down the grassy knoll by lord knows who – all I saw was him get punched in the head and tumble backwards, eventually landing on the sidewalk below.  I might’ve felt sorry for him but given the fact he was running his mouth off to every person who passed by, I have to believe whoever took him down had a good reason. 


FINALLY…it’s 11:59pm and I am wet and cold but who cares because the fireworks are starting across the bay on Douglas Island. YEAH!  The fireworks were pretty – started off a bit slow and not near as dramatic and showy as I am used to like at Disneyland (yeah, figures I would compare it to that!) but they did a nice job.  It was difficult to get a lot of pictures of course but I did find the red colored ones made for the best shots because of the reflection on the bay.  As the finale started, Keith was frozen to the core (which isn’t surprising given he has less than zero percent body fat on him….LOL).  We started to walk back and caught the end of the show as we headed upstairs. 

I guess the tradition is everyone goes and parties hard that night but we were both exhausted and Keith had to work the next day so we were old fuddy duds and went to sleep! 


rotorhead85 says:
Nice blog... and fireworks. It was a little too light up here for them but the beer was cold!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
mr_shanet says:
perty pictures u have dare perty lady ;)
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
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More people milling around in the …
More people milling around in the…
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Looking across to Douglas Island …
Happy Fourth of July!
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