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Santiago expresses his disappointment in the leadership of General Franco
This city is wasted on me. I’m not interested in its history, architecture, or people. I’m not really sure why I’m here. I’m only learning the language because I’m doing a philosophy degree, and like all the humanities degrees it doesn’t actually give me any skills. And I know, thinking, critical discourse, actualising your ideas, research, yadda-yadda. Don’t bother me, boys. I take a language so I can say I can do SOMETHING, that might at some point be of some use to some employer somehow. Hopefully it makes up for not having invested any real time into interests, like cars, or music, or drugs.
But I’m getting kind of sick of it. Sure, it’s charming listening to them natter away in their own tongue, but it gets old fast when you try to join the conversation and realise that not only do you lack the vocabulary, but you’ve forgotten half your tenses and the children are looking at you quizzically.

“Adam, surely that just means that you need to put more effort in, not…no more, ever.”
Well, I am a quitter. I quit things. I shall save the list for another time, but the point is it looks like Spanish will shortly be joining it.

Having said that, upon bitching about this I was urged to consider what I DO enjoy, and make the most of this working holiday while I’m still here. It’s a short list:
~ the weather
~ the drink
~ the kids, I guess

So, naturalmente, today after I took the little one to school I took the boys to El museo de cera �" Madame Taussauds to you. I met Spiderman, Jack Sparrow, Frodo, and the terrible ghost of Obi-wan Kenobi, but my triumph, I think, was the LOLiquinns.  See the album for evidence.

Also, it would be nice to talk with some fellow madrid-based people, as long as they're not jaded, cliqued, or creepy.

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Santiago expresses his disappointm…
Santiago expresses his disappoint…
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