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Frankie and Me at the gig. I look like hell. All bloated. But I had NO sleep for two days.. So I think its expected.
In the morning we went to starbucks and drank HUGE coffees. It helped. And it didnt take long for us to board our plane. But before that we did slight shopping. :P
The Ryan Air flight was super short. It was funny. I swear it took like 15 minutes to get up to the normal altitude.. and it stayed there for like another 15mins and then we were descending again. Shortest flight Ive ever been on.
Anyway we hit the bathrooms at the Man airport. And there we met a fellow 30 girl. Took the same bus to the venue. We froze our asses off there for a whole goddamn day! And Chris and them were late. So yeah we this nice swedish girl let us stash our stuff to their hotel room right around the corner. Worked wonderfully. Everyone started to come to the venue and finally we saw FAMILIAR FACES! TONS OF THEM!
It was so nice to see everyone again! We ate and got in. I was so damn dead that I didnt even try gettin to the front. I stayed at the side with Jesco and bunch of other german people.
After the gig. We hung around, I saw the boys told them I was NOT hitting the road with them. But taking the public transportation with bunch of my friends. Way more fun like that, than in a bus with stinky men, yes?
Around two, Chris took us to his place, where we slept in his guest room which had no bed. And it was FREEEEZIN! Ive never been that cold in my life. I sat up the whole night so my whole body wasnt touching the floor.

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Frankie and Me at the gig. I look …
Frankie and Me at the gig. I look…
Machester gig
Machester gig
photo by: klaaRA