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The typical scenery
Early next morning everyone woke up, packed and went to the lobby. Turned out all of us in Travelodge had the same train, though we needed to get tickets since we were supposed to drive to Leeds with Chris' car, but since it was at the shop so we took the train. The train trip was nice. And the scenery was SO typical. Rollin green hills and sheep. Like a couple of stops before Leeds there was some problems with the signal and we couldnt leave the station we were stopped at. We waited around for like an hour or so. But we finally got there and Chris was there to get us and take us to the Travelodge (YES again travelodge, theyre fuckin good). The night before he had hitched a ride with Marisa back to Manchester to get his car and driven to Leeds since it was ready.
hangin at the back entrance.. photo credit: Kevin the security dude.
Linda and them didnt want to go to the venue yet so I left with Trina and Mandy. We checked the line and thought that there was no way we were lining up tonight. No point we wouldnt get front anyway. So we ate at the Uni cafeteria. Expensive but super good. After that we looked for the back entrance and found it. We made friends with the security guard Kevin and hung out. The boys came out from time to time but they were pretty busy so I didnt want to bug them too much. I did go drop Teenas braceletts in the bus at one point. Tomislav was jealous because I got the coolest one and he got the plain one. HAH! Serves the right! Anyway, we just hung out and had a blast. Made more friends. Hung out some more. Then went in. The guys were almost hour and a half late. They had had problems with the props and some of them were sick.
the shoe dare. His are SO last year. I found the 08 version! WOHOO!
The show was pretty good, but not too awesome. Me and Mandy went nuts since we were at the side. No one was moshing behind us so we thought we'd create some chaos. We controlled the mosh from the sides. It was fucking awesome.
After the gig, we went back to the back entrance to hang out with Kevin, entertain him since he was freezin his ass off. I got my water bottle back. I left it in the bus since youre not allowed to take them in and they dont exactly give out the water far from the stage. The boys came out. J was in a teaching mode. And told stories to the fans. I was acting as the barrier more than once. Seriously. People are weird. Tomo gave me a shoe dare. And we left after that, because it was windy and cold. Chris leaving with us. I was almost in bed when Linda came back. At this point, I wasnt hangin out with them anymore. I barely was talking with Chris. They treated me like shit. So fuck em all.
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The typical scenery
The typical scenery
hangin at the back entrance.. phot…
hangin at the back entrance.. pho…
the shoe dare. His are SO last yea…
the shoe dare. His are SO last ye…
photo by: moshers_moll