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goin to Chris' house from the Lodge to head off to Liverpool
We woke up early and just packed and left. The Travelodge was a truckstop really. We had to dodge huge trucks when we left. WAS NOT FUN. Walked back. This time seeing all the branches so you didnt have to walk with your arm up to feel the branches. We got to Chris' place and they were pretty much ready to go. We took a local bus to the center of Chris' town. Which was tiny. Had breakfast and caught a train to Chester (I WAS ALMOST IN WALES!) and changed there trains to Liverpool. Sat next to a weird chick who was high for sure. We got to Liverpool, found our Travelodge pretty fast. Turned out we didnt have two rooms like planned.
I got my second drumstick! YAY!
Only one. Bummer. But everything got sorted with Sam and Penny and some of the dutch girls. We were pretty late gettin to the gig, since we had some difficulties with some safety pins that Chris needed. We got to the venue. There was a FUCKING long line. So we just asked where there was a good pub with food. We ended up eating good pasta. Yummy. Then I got back to the venue, the others went to get wasted. I cut the line next to Jesco and Trina and got front row. Awesome gig as always. Tims side. Waited around after hung out with the boys some, but they were a bit sick. So they didnt stay for too long. Their UK tour manager was fuckin annoyin and didnt have a clue who all the people were. Oh and got a second drumstick. wohoo! Now I can play. Though Jared was an asshole and didn't sign mine but gave me another lecture. He was fuckin annoyin that day. Though I did let him know that later and he apologized.
I was annoyed with Linda and Chris because they were completely wasted. I had given my key to the girls earlier so they could get back to the room before we left. And now I wanted to go back to Travelodge so I left with Trina and Mandy. Went to get kebab on the way. I was hangin out in the lobby waiting to get my key and waiting for some other people. And then these guys walk in. Im like 'they look familiar' and I see theyre a band with their stuff saying Summer Rocket. And I'm like NO FUCKING WAY! I go and I talk to Bryce forever! He's so friggin nice. They asked me to come to see them with Paramore the next night. Bummer that I was headin out the next morning. I wouldve so gotten in again for free :P Anyway, I got my key they got theirs and we all went to our rooms. They were staying on the same floor. None of my friends knew who they were. It was pretty hilarious that they were staying there too. Big shots! :D Saw them on Warped Tour the year before. They rocked.
Anyway, I hit the bed and fell asleep.
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goin to Chris house from the Lodg…
goin to Chris' house from the Lod…
I got my second drumstick! YAY!
I got my second drumstick! YAY!
photo by: monkeymia79