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The flight to Gatwick felt really long, mostly because I tossed and turned the whole dang time. The food, however, was excellent, while “Must Love Dogs” was not. After a rather tight connection, the flight to Pisa was short, thankfully, and I slept most of the way. I lost one bag, the smaller one, which probably made my train ride a little easier, honestly. The train ride was short and completely gorgeous, but I nodded off during the whole ride despite my efforts to stay awake to both guard my bags and check out Tuscany. Alas. I found a taxi quickly and made it to the center in one piece. Once there, my exhausted self was made immediately at home, seeing friendly faces and getting a tour. The center is really awesome, and there is (unexpected) wireless! Cindy and I got a taxi and went to our house, where were greeted by our mother. She is a retired school teacher and couldn’t be nicer. She lives alone, but one recently married daughter lives the floor below us, and the other lives in Fiesole nearby. We’ve met both already, they rule. Cindy and I have separate rooms but share a bathroom. My room has kind of a blue theme and art, a desk, a couch, and plenty of room to put my stuff away. It’s huge! Our first dinner was penne pasta w/ marinara sauce, peas (“I didn’t know peas could taste so good!” –Cindy), and pork. We had tiramisu for dessert, lots of it, and we are hopefully going to be able to learn to make it! We had all decided to meet at the Scottish, a bar near the river, so after a short bus ride, Cindy and I decided to burn off our two pieces each of tiramisu by getting lost for an hour. It was a great way to see the city, but it was fun when we finally got there. We taxied back just to be sure and both went right to bed.
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