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So, when we checked in the night before the hotel gave us a huge list of different activities we could do, with so many options we had to be very picky on what we wanted to spend our time doing. We decided to go on a 3 hour hike through one of the parks that has hanging bridges all along the hike. It was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention we got a little work out in! Along the hike we saw the beautiful jungle, bright flowers, cool plants, lizards, and two types of monkey's in their natural habitat. It was very cool to see! We also saw another great water fall! There are tons of them here!

After the hanging bridges hike we visited a butterfly, and a snake & spider conservatory. The butterfly conservatory was wonderful. We saw the eggs, caterpillar and cocoon stages before they are reborn into butterfly's. We then saw the various different butterflies they had and the famous frog from CR. Alex got to hold it and I just took pictures! At the next conservatory our guide Juan  gave us a very detailed lesson about snakes. We now know the difference between a poisonous snake and a non-poisonous snake. After the lesson Juan took us to look at the many different snakes they had. Now, for those of you who know me know that I HATE snakes and spiders but, I challenged myself and went through with it. So, back to the tour. Juan was awesome! He showed us all the poisonous snakes (in their glass cages) and then the non-poisonous ones, although he took those out of their cage's! OMG! I almost passed out! Alex held a few of them and they tried to get me to hold one. I resisted for as long as I could and then finally gave in. Yes I held a snake! Again, OMG!!! Alex and Juan were laughing at my reaction while holding the slimey, slithering, ugly snake. EEWW! But, I did it! Mind you it was only a 30 day old baby Boa Constrictor! After everyone had a good laugh and I happily gave Juan the snake back, he showed us the bigest snake I have ever seen, let alone touch! There was a little girl following our tour that had abselutely no fear! She wanted to touch and feel everything! I was so scared to touch the huge snake she actualy took my hand and placed it on the snake. It was huge! After the snakes we saw some terantulas and other spiders! It was scary and cool at the same time! We had a great time! By this point the rain started agian and we headed back to the Observatory Lodge. We had dinner and watched the volcano again! Still very cool to watch at night! The next day another adventure at Arenal Volcano! 
Domvera says:
Amber, I knew you are the most couragous sister ever I had. Smile!

Love, Nick
Posted on: Aug 26, 2008
puttyland says:
Wow, looks like a great trip. How were you able to just pick up a butterfly? I love that you're not even in focus holding the snake - you were probably jumping around too much! Love the fuzzy pink caterpillars! Miss you here at work.

PS - You guys are sooooooo skinny!!!! Mangia, for heaven's sake. You're on vacation!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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Volcan Arenal
photo by: pacovera