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Our view from breakfast
We got to LAX at 11pm (exausted from all the parting!), got everything checked in (with a little splitting up of our luggage because one suitcase weighed too much! Hey, clothes and stuff for two people for two weeks is a lot of stuff), and got to our gate on time. So, everything was going well until we realized that we would be flying with the miniature dog from hell. One of the pasengers brought her mini-dog (looked like a mini doverman) and all it did at the gate was bark, bark, and bark! Oh boy was Alex happy! Once we got on the full flight the dog barked a liitle on our way up but calmed down during the flight. The ariline showed a movie "Kung Fu Panda" on our way to Huston (not sure why, the flight was a red eye and everone around us were trying to sleep), I saw a whole 2 minutes before my eyes slammed shut!. Once we got to Huston, Alex and I had a 1 1/2 hour lay over so we ate some breakfast. We were so sleep deprived that we lost track of time and in the middle of breakfast thought we were late to board our next flight. We quickly swallowed the rest of our food and ran across the terminal thinking we would miss our plane! We got to the gate and there was no plane, no airline representative at the counter, and hardly anyone there. Holly crap! We freaked out! We looked for anyone from Continental Airlines to help us. As soon as Alex spotted someone I looked at the local time clock next to the gate we were scheduled to leave from and then it hit me.... it's only 8a (not 9a like we thought!) and the plane leaves at 9:15a! Ok, at this point we took a deep breath, slowed down our heart's from racing, and waited for the plane. Oh no the adventure is not over yet! The plane get's there, we board, and after sweating in that stuffy airplane for about 30 minutes the Captain comes on and informs us that the ground crew is checking something out on one of the engines and it will take about 20 minutes. 20 minutes pass and he came on again, it has now become an "admininstrative thing" and the downtown office needs to "approve" whatever they did and that will take another 20-30 minutes! 30 minutes later...we had to wait another 30 minutes for a new plane to arrive to take us to Costa Rica! So we had to get off the plane and wait for the next one to arrive! By this point it has become an act from God that I have my eyes open! The plane gets to Huston we board and finaly take off (3 hours late!). We arrived in Costa Rica and could not be happier! The taxi driver, Manuel, was the bomb! On our way to the hoel the biggest and hardest rain storm hit us and at one point we almost had a heart attack! Manuel gave us a bunch of tips and was realy sweet! He taught us the local slogan in CR "Pura Vida!" Which means "The Good Life!". We got to the hotel checked in, ate dinner, and crashed for 12 hours! It's now Tuesday and the weather is amazing! Let's see what other adventures await us! 
christyhope08 says:
Hello Honeymooners!!!
The pictures are AWESOME! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. We miss you both lots! Take care-
Christy & Guy :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2008
joevera says:
Sounds more like the "vida loca" getting there, but now it's indeed the good life.
I am anxiously awaiting more pictures.
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
Inthesky says:
Where is Alex's tux??? Can't find receipt either.


p.s. nice pics, looks bootiful!
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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Our view from breakfast
Our view from breakfast
photo by: Nico22