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Alex driving. (He's smiling because he does not know what dirt road lies ahead!)
Well, day two was just what we both wanted! Sun and Surf! We took a stool down the long beach, found some beach chairs to rent all day for $2,000 Colones ($4.00 USD), got some sun, and of course Surfed! The beach is long and beautiful with a few beach vendors walking up and down the beach trying to sell trinkets, handmade jewelry, and ceramic pots. Yes, we got some shopping done at the beach! Dinner was the Bomb! In fact all of the food is fantastic and cheap!! Alex is amazed that the seafood is cheaper then the chicken!

Day tres... we went into town (across the street!) and got our rental car. However, we had to wait 1 1/2 hours for it to arrive from Liberia! So what did we do you might ask.....SHOPPING! Everything is so cheap and cool looking we could not stop looking around! We didn't buy a lot but did a great job in window shopping! After the car arrived we got our stuff together and decided to hit the road to Playa Negra (a world famous surf spot!).
Alex tied down our surf boards to the roof rack and we were set to go, so we thought! After about 1 minute of driving we started to hear loud thumping and rattleing from above. It sounded like we were in a huge wind tunel and a gust of wind was about to take us up into the sky! I did what any self respecting latina would do......stick my head out the window (as Alex was driving!) to see what the noise/problem was! Didn't see anything wrong but rather risk damaging or lossing the boards we pulled over and put them into the car. Not exactly cumfortable in a little (and I mean little!) 4x4 car. Playa Negra here we come! Well, let me tell you the road to Playa Negra is not exactly easy! It was like the CR version of The X Games on a dirt road! With mud, dips, pot holes the size's of manhole covers, and VERY bumpy! As Alex would say it.
Alex Ripping!!!
..Good Times! It was a miracle that I did not get a black eye from my boob's bouncing up and down! We finally got there and it was abselutely beautiful! The sand is black and tan mixed together (hence the name Playa Negra, Black Beach). Alex cought some good waves and I relaxed! I drove back and did a better job than Alex menuvering though the CR X Games Dirt Road!! So far all the sunsets are speachless! We are now on our way to go salsa dancing (Yay)! 
puttyland says:
The road looks about as bad as the whole "highway" system in Mongolia. Bouncy bouncy! You better tie those things in a knot or get a better brassiere!! Playa Negra is stunning.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
Domvera says:
WOW! What a beautiful scene of CR's! The road you took this photo that reminded me of backroads outside Mexico such as Cuervanca (sp error) and Tepolizatan. Also the large plant leaf is truly awesome!
I just send you lot of my photos from this past weekend in your email. Let me know if you want me to send you DVD-RW in the mail.

Love, Nick
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
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Alex driving. (Hes smiling becaus…
Alex driving. (He's smiling becau…
Alex Ripping!!!
Alex Ripping!!!
Playa Negra
Playa Negra
Indigenous leaf from a tree in CR!…
Indigenous leaf from a tree in CR…
A river along The Dirt Road!
A river along The Dirt Road!
Our day ended with this beautiful …
Our day ended with this beautiful…
photo by: Nico22