The longest trip home ever.... (from Dublin to Meppel that is)

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Clondalkin Round Tower
Time to go back home, so I got the Airlink bus to the airport and got there in plenty of time. I had done an online check-in so I could just walk straight to security. There I had to open my suitcase because they saw liquids in it. I had comletely forgotten about the two bottles of ice-magic I got! The silly thing was that they didn't go through the suitcase very well and they only found one, and I wasn't going to tell them about the other one as they made me throw it out! I then went up to the restaurant to get something to eat but it was very expensive, so I bought a sandwich in one of the little shops instead. Then I decided I really felt like something hot so I ended up spending €6,50 on a hot toasted brie and cranberry panini which wasn't hot at all! I then bought a cappuccino to warm up a bit. I was reading my book in the waiting area and when the time to board got closer started to wonder where the plane was. But you know Ryan Air, so I wasn't too worried. The plane still wasn't there when time to leave came around, but I was at the front of the queu so I thought I would at least be one of the first ones on when it did arrive. Then suddenly we were told to go to a different gate and you can guess what happened: everyone who was at the front of the queu ended up at the back of the new one! We actually had to go downstairs and wait there for another half hour orso before we could board the plane. And once we got there the news got worse! Apparently all the radars at the airport were down so they couldn't bring in or let the planes leave as normal. They have another way (don't ask me what it is) but it takes much longer so we just had to sit there and wait. The plane was supposed to leave at 14.40 but eventually it was about 17.30 before we left.... And in all that time we were not offered one beverage or anything, not even if we wanted to pay for one! We just sat there... And as soon as the plane took off they started coming around with newspapers and food and drinks of course. Why not do that while we were waiting? Anyway, they sold heaps because everyone was hungry and thirsty by then obviously. Once we got to Eindhoven I still had to get on the bus to the train station, then get the train to Utrecht, from there a train to Amersfoort and from there the one to Meppel. I got to Meppel just after 11pm and I was quite exhausted by then (how you can get so tired from sitting on your butt all day is beyond me) but I couldn't get to sleep straight away so I read some more of my book. I almost finished it in that one day!
cvanzoen says:
Reizen in een ander land is leuk. Maar om er te komen en weer naar huis te gaan ... je moet er wat voor over hebben nietwaar?
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
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Clondalkin Round Tower
Clondalkin Round Tower
photo by: fransglobal