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30 is a big number! I can’t believe myself I’m turning 30 today.


Make a list of achievements cure my anxiety. I feel a little bit better when I have long list of positive things I have done for the past 30 years. However, there are some silly things I have done and I’m not very proud of.. but it happened!


Life is simply a mix of sunshine and rain, laughter and pain.


Here are 30 things that make my life worthwhile :) They are not only good things that keep excitement in my life; immature judgments also have significant contribution to make me more mature and stronger in facing life.



  • Study overseas • check!
  • Got MBA degree • check!
  • Work overseas • check!
  • Work for a humanitarian aid organization (and will surely do it again in the future) • check!
  • Work for an Oil Field Service Company • check!
  • Join various community work activities • check!
  • Published recognition for corporate community project • check!
  • Sabbath School teacher for juniors • check!
  • Worship dance teacher for youth • check!
  • Visit Boracay • check!
  • Visit Thailand, and again • check!
  • Visit Bali, and again • check!
  • Visit kilometer zero point of Indonesia • check!
  • North Sumatra Road Trip • check!
  • Watch Ramayana Ballet • check!
  • Ride an elephant • check!
  • Take picture with an elephant • check!
  • White water rafting • check!
  • Become a certified diver • check!
  • Dive in Palau, Philippines and Sabang • check!
  • First Runner Babe at Palau hash run • check!
  • Proved to be a good tour guide or traveling buddy • check!

SILLY (but serious) THINGS:

  • Failure love relationships
  • Ended engagement
  • Summer fling
  • Flash boobies at wild hash run party
  • Kiss drunk US Air Force soldiers  

Regardless, I realize there are only 3 things that keep me going and make my life worth living.   

  • God
  • Beloved family
  •  Awesome friends - wherever you are guys!

After thinking of all these things that I’ve done for the first 30 years of my life, it helps me to figure out that turning 30 is not so bad after all!

Especially when you celebrate your birthday in the most exotic place, Bali! Can't complain! I have a great life!


It makes me more excited about what I can do for another 30 years..

Maybe find a prince charming, get married and have 12 babies. LoL!

Or.. voluntary trip to Africa.. that would be awesome!


If I get lucky, maybe even do more exciting things in the 30 years after that..


See, 30 years, so far, is not very long at all…

destiny1982 says:
thats so awesome good on u@!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
sahildagar says:
Hey.. I have read all your comment and blog & I am feeling so good about so you that I myself want to achieve all those 30 items too :-)

I am so very happy and inspired by you... I have decide to travel more frequently leaving my computer behind.

Good bless and be happy always Dost.. waiting to see your list of 60's too.

Posted on: Dec 03, 2008
msSleep says:
Nice 30 things :)
Posted on: Nov 06, 2008
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