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this was us gardening at Adriens house, this is Adrien. he really wanted to help he didnt want us to do everything for him.
after a  very intereseting  week long overlanding tour with Nomad  including some very drunken nights, Crazy guides and our truck no where to be found (thats not true it was Stuck in Nomans land between Zambia and Zimbabwe) I had arrives in Livingstone where I was going to be living for the next 2 months working with a volunteer organization in a medical project.I had no Idea what to expect!  I waited at  the waterfront for my ride and with 10 min Simba was there to pick me up with the Combi. he gave me the "grand tour" of Town (basiclly where all the bars were, Very important info) utill we arrived at the house. 50 Mambo Way. I got all my stuff unpacked and tried to settle I was the only new volunteer in weeks and noone new was comming for another week.
this is the market.
(cause I came overlanding) one of the volunteers took me to town and showed me the internet cafe and all the things I would need to know! when I got home one of the volunteers ask if I wanted to go and plant a garden for one of the home based care projects I thought that would be an aweseom way to get to know the projects and the volunteers so i said "sure" we took a cab through the compound  I have been to South Africa, Botwsawa but this was a whole new experince for me. we pulled up in front of a small concrete building about the size of a small shed and with lots of plants out side the door and plastic containers everywhere Jessica walking in the house and saw Adrien sitting in the back of the house on the hard dirt floor Adrien was one of the AIDS patients on our home based care unit whose family would steel his food and water because there was nothing he could do about it as he wsa too weak. I we showed up with our tools, plants and fertilizer. we had only been there maybe 5 min when I swaer the whole community was there to help. we had so much fun. but ther was one guy who keep trying to take our fertilizer I didnt say anything But Jessica sure had words for him, she said that he could have some when we were done gardening. we were Almost done so me and susan (another volunteer) offered to help get some water and a few of the local women looked at us as if we had 4 heads the one lady looked at me and said "how are you going to carry the water? you cant carry these buckets on your head! I told her I thougt I would jst carry them with my arms and all she said was "OK" and im sure she thought I was NUTS. but we got the water I was SO thirsty I thought I might just melt to death and asked if it ws safe to drink the water I saw everyone else doing it.  the one lady looked at me and said yes its safe BUT NOT FOR YOU! so there goes that good idea. we walked back to the house and for what ever reason no one stayed at the house with our bags (luckily I was to afraid to bring mine with us that day, I lose everything) and Susan's bag was gone. we looked everywhere and it was no place to be found. we  asked everyone and the only people who were not there any more was the guy who tried to take nad fertilizer and his friend. after alot of discussion someone dicided that he was the one  who took the bag. we  all assumed that everyone knew everyone but no one seemed to know who this man was. finally they found his friend and everyone I mean everyone started beating this man and there was nothing we could do about it. Jessica stepped in cause thats the kinda girl she is!! and Susan and I could do nothing but watch. Susan started crying and didnt care about he stuff just wated her passport back cause se ws leaving in 2 days. she told them take everythign else. as susan was crying a local man walked  up between us, and said "dont worry they are just going to kill him" which believe it or not didnt calm susan At all. Jessica put susan the and her self in a cab and brought them to the police stations not to get a confession but to save his life. this was not evan the guy who we all assumed took the bag only his friend.  The bag was never found, Susan took the bud to Lusaka to get a passport and as for the guy at the police station all we were ever told was that  he was still alive .
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this was us gardening at Adriens h…
this was us gardening at Adriens …
this is  the market.
this is the market.
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