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On of the babies at the safe house were I was volunteering had severly clubbed feet, so Every friday he would get casts put on and every thurdsay I would take them off. On one fine Friday morning Leanna(a local south african women ) and I were on the way back from the Hospital with "Matti" and his fresh casts. When I saw 5 black BMW's  all surrounding this one Black SUV! with a police escort,  they were rather impresive drivers showing off there skills they were crossing and weaving allover the place, so Leanne and I figured that it must be someone VERY important and that we could make a lot of money if they signed the casts and  we auctioned them off. Then It dawned on me that Celin Dion was in town that weekend and that it must be her. So we followed them for a good 20km (nearly taking out a donkey and cart) then they turned down this really shitty looking dead end road that did not look lke any place that Celine would want to be BUT we followed them anyways! the cars came to a big boom ( the kind at the airport that stop you from going were you should not be) and a man in uniform with a gun came out, talked to the police and the first black car and the boom went up and all the cars got through including us (now I should tell you that we are driving a BRIGHT red lunch box of a car) so we drive in and no one seemed to care so we kept going. then we came to a second boom and the same thing happend, now the police drive away. there are now fewer people BUT the people who are ther have quite sizely GUNS! but we keep driving, not we come to one more boom and we go under with everyone and now there are 2 rows of people on either side of us with machine guns this is when i dicide to ask were we are, and Leanne informs me that we are now at "Ysterplaat" which is the Air Force Base, but she does not seem to ratteled SO neither am I. we keep driving untill all 6 cars are facing us, they then back up and get out so Leanne tells me to get out and join the 7 men standing there in black suits, with black glasses, guns and ear pieces, SO i did,I was talking to these very nice men who didn't seem to mind that we were there and were asking all kinds of question one guy asked me what happened to his legs and I couldnt tell him that he had clubbed feet SO i said that they had been broken! meanwhile Leanne  got out and started tapping on one of the cars windows after trying to ignore here the driver finally rolles down his window and she asked "is Celine Dion here?" "I cant say" he answered after asking a about 10 questions all with the same answere she askes "WELL ARE YOU A SECURITY GUARD OR WHAT? " YES he said and rolled up the window and at this time all them men got back into their cars and left before i knew what was happening they all just GONE!  Leanne told me to get in the car and we followed them until all we could see was a small brick building, then when I turned to my right I saw that we were on the RUNWAY! the cars all stopped and we got outI started talking to the same men and Leanne went to talked to a guy  who looked to be incharge, and started asking him the same questions, "is it Celin?" is it anybody we know?  and then the guy said to here "one sec I ll go get some one who can give you some answers, and he came back with the chief of police, Leanne put her arm around him and said, and I quote " let me tell you something about security" and gave him a big lecture about how if you look like you belong you belong, this went on for about 10 min and she asked again "is Celin here?" and then he told her that she could go and talk to the guy in brick building and everyone gasped.I was not thrilled about gong to talk to the man that the guys with guns did nt want to talk to.   We slowly walked towards the building and knocked on the door this MASSIVE man sitting on a chair with a newspaper in his hand and a cigar in his month looked up like he had just seen a duet performed by Oprah and Jesus. and almost swallowed the cigar there in his office stood 2 girls in pink t-shirts with a baby!he pulled himself together nad intruduced himself ad Chief Commander Smith and shook our hands, Leanne intruduced us an and asked about Celin, and he just stared at us and she was talking  a million miles a minute and he said to her "stop, stop talking," shaking his head. "Who said you could be here?" "No one" we said "we followed the black cars," "NO NO NO" he said " who told you, you could be here." "no one we said we followed the black cars." "OH MY GOD" he said and started pacing up and down. I have to get you out of here, you need a military escort nad went on and on. "SO" Leanne said "is Celine here?" NO he said "but the president is arriving in 3 min. you need to get out," so after out lecture about national security and how NO ONE is here when he arrived and that we should be arrested he looked at me and said "Im suprised no one took you out." "like shot us" I said " YES" he said "Im suprsied no one shot you" after that we left and were asked not to return EVER! and I pretty sure there are a few less employees at Ysterplaat!

lovely_lori88 says:
Wow!! So random...I can't believe no one did anything when you just followed them!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
paula1137 says:
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
Glad no one took you out!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
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