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My boss decided that the Vegas Bar and Nightclub convention was a useful field trip for his business. His top people got to get in on the action, and lucky me- was one of the 3. Basically what this was in actuality was a forced vacation from our 40-50 hour work weeks. We accepted graciously...
Anywho. The convention takes place in the largest room I've ever seen. Hundreds and hundreds of vendors are there to advertise their products and hand out free samples of their drinks (yes, alcoholic, you alcoholics.) Now, re-read that sentence if it didn't soak in the first time, selecting only the key words. Hundreds-free-drinks. You get the picture. This two day mayhem marathon costs just under $200 total to get into, but once you're in, you're in. I preferred being in there over walking down the strip.
The nightclub part was fun too because, after consuming copious amounts of free drinks, its like one big club of lightshow vendors and smoke machine salesmen. Club promotors run rampant, passing out VIP entrances passes for places like Pure and Body English, which we took advantage of later on.
For dinner we ate at Craft Steakhouse, where I had my first experience with Kobe beef. Personal opion- overrated restaurant. Later, drinks and snacks took place at Nobu. It was such a refreshment being on the opposite side of the service spectrum for a while.
On the gambling side of things, I decided to pull my best Demi Moore impression and try my hand at learning craps. I just wanted to throw the dice, so a nice guy let me have a go. A couple lucky streaks later and I helped him win about a grand, which he gave me $100 of. When you add that to the hundred I won at blackjack- all and all it was a good night! Next thing I know that $200 magically turned into a pair of gold Guess slingback stillettos from the Cesars Palace Forum shops. Ahhh....only in Vegas.
David says:
I only seem to win at craps and lose at blackjack!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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at MGM Grand
at MGM Grand
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Las Vegas
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