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Megan cautiously going down the stairs of the tower in San Gimignano.

After we told the girls about are amazing day in San Gimignano, they decided they wanted to go check it as well.  I had planned on going to Sienna that day, but I really wanted them to see this amazing place. 

We pretty much did the same things we did on the first visit just so they could see a lot of the the cool things we saw.  On the top floor of the Museo Civico, they had a modern art museum which was pretty interesting.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed that one since she's an artist.  There was pretty bizarre pieces but there were also a lot of really cool pieces like this big wooden tiger that was constructed like a puzzle.  It's kind of hard to explain but it was like those wooden puzzle kits that are assembled into the shapes of animals or buildings.  The amazing thing about this one was the size of it and how many pieces there were to it.  That guy must be a genius to create something like that.

Fred took the girls to the top of the tower after the museum and Megan was not too fond of those stairs.  I guess I passed on my heights anxiety on to her.  I feel pretty bad about that.  That's not a nice fear to have.  Anyway, she made it and Fred took pictures of her gripping the handrails for dear life as she ascended and descended the never ending stairs.

After the museums and the tower, we decided to take the girls to that nice little restaurant we had visited before.  Again, we had a lovely meal there.  I really need to find that card so I can write a review.

We finished our meal and then did some more exploring.  It's amazing how many more things you discover if you revisit a place.  We found a lot of cool little artisian shops that sold all sorts of cool things.  I could have easily spent a fortune there.  I did buy some beautiful stationary, some decorated ceramic bottle spouts, Venetian glass bottle stoppers, a cool sunshine windchime and of course olive oils, bruchetta mixes, spices, etc. 

This was our last day to our wonderful trip and a nice ending to it as well. 

Our 12 hour trip home was not so enjoyable however.  We discovered our dog was ailing and we were stuck in traffic jams in the Alps.  Talk about feeling helpless.  We took him to the vet as soon as we got home and found out that he may have a tumor in his mouth.  We have to take him back to the vet tomorrow so that he can do a biopsy.  I've cried as much as I can for the last couple of days and now I'm just trying to be strong and hope for the best.  I know he's 16 and that's a long life for a dog, but that does not make things any easier.  He has been with us all those years and has traveled with us so many places throughout the U.S. and Europe.  I guess what is the hardest is that I do not want him to be in pain yet I don't want to be responsible for taking his life.  He doesn't appear to be in pain and has an appetite.  I just don't want to be the person that decides his life should end when maybe it shouldn't just yet.  I can't imagine waking up every morning and not seeing his adorable face look up innocently at me.  I know I'm going to have to accept that it will be his time one day, I just was hoping that he would go peacefully in his sleep. :-(



sylviandavid says:
really nice blog....
Posted on: Aug 03, 2008
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Megan cautiously going down the st…
Megan cautiously going down the s…
San Gimignano
photo by: joesu