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adeeba and american girlies

meaning = How to speak jamaican

A-fe = ''a-fe me money''      it is my money.      Fe is usually used to indicate possession, as in ''a-fe him'' or ''a-fe dem''  if anything is ''a-fe all'' it belongs to everybody but noone maintains it.


A-go = ''me a go now''    I am going now. or ''me a come''  also an expression of intent example   ''me a go kiss you''  I am going to kiss you. to which the correct reply is ''dat awrite''    :) haha


Aise = ears - ''im is to hard aise''   he is unwilling to listen to advice.


more jamaican words     

babylon = police

bokkle = bottle  ''pass de rum bokkle''

coodeh - look quickly

cyan = ''me cyan go now, me busy'' = can't

dutty = ''what a dutty clawt''  = what a dirty cloth

dung - down  =''carry dung a station'' = take me down to the station

dweet = do it  ''me a dweet''   = i did it

facety - cheeky

irie - its fine - ''everyting irie''

jah - ''praise jah'' = praise God

ikkle more - see you later

mek - ''mek me tell you'' = let me tell you

pickney = child  ''come here pickney''

wa' a gwan = whats up ( a greeting)  as in what -a- go on . whats going on ?

There was a very bad thunderstorm today so most of the day we stayed in the hotel and watched tv, used the internet or just had a relaxin bath and then something to eat at the buffet. it was ok to take a relaxing day out from our three weeks in the sun hehe!

mopin around the resort today we met two american girls who were fun to hang out with, once rain had stopped we headed back to ricks but only for a few hours to say hello to adeeba, knoxley and the gang, and let them know we would be back for a proper night out on wednesday :).

the american girls and I hung out on the beach all night and went for a midnight swim ... how scary ! lol but it was someting I hadnt done before so thought Id give it ago it was relaxing but we didnt stay in to long for safety reasons I would hate to hear the work ''SHARK!'' about now lol.

anyways after  the beach we all went back to our rooms to relax.

GlamNat says:
I did not even know some of those words
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
manoela28 says:
oohhhh thanks for the tips
Posted on: Jan 26, 2009
bostonjoe says:
Wish I had a good Jamaica expeirience. Read my write up, did you stay in one of the resort hotels? Cuz I realize there are 2 different Jamaicas one if you stay in a resort and the other if you stay in a real Jamaician inn, My Jamaica vaca was much different. Glad you had fun though and a great write up!! ~Joe
Posted on: Jan 26, 2009
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adeeba and american girlies
adeeba and american girlies
one american, me and a fellow engl…
one american, me and a fellow eng…
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