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The riverwalk is a little like Venice *although I've never really been to Venice, but I'm guessing the canals might look something like this.  One night I went to Knibbe ranch and learned all about long-horns and armadillos and beef cattle.  (Did you know that some ranchers don't see their cattle for like three weeks?  It's not like the dairy farms we had in Ohio when I was growing up and the cows would come home at night.)  I guess that's where they got the phrase "till the cows come home..."?  

I earned Silver Status with Marriott so I had a kick-ass room.   The reception people personally tracked me down to personally give me my keys and a $10 gift certificate for the restaurant at the hotel.   I sleep quite well in Marriott beds and I realize they sell their down comforters and pillows, so that may be a birthday gift to myself.....

Speaking of which THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for wishing me a happy birthday!  That was nice to log in and see all of your birthday wishes.  Thank you thank you thank you!

You know, 3 years ago I came to Houston and thought I hated this state.  There was oil floating on top of the water in Galveston, there were cowboys who pushed their way to the front of the bars and cut the line, there were mean ex-boyfriends who ignored me the entire time we were here, and there was too much humidity.  Talk about a wrong first impression.  I am glad I didn't misjudge the entire state on one lousy trip (ha!)   

But I loved San Antonio.  The Alamo was a few blocks from my hotel.  I had heard about the stars, which were big and bright (and that they were).  I loved steak.  I love wearing my snakeskin Dingo boots.  I loved the romantic riverwalk, shaded by trees with Spanish moss covering the paths. 

What I didn't love was taking the A train home from JFK at 1 AM.  Talk about the dredges of society.  I don't know who decides to ride from Brooklyn to Inwood on the local track at that hour, but they were weird.  (Except for me, who can't afford a $50 cab ride back home.)  There were people picking fights, homeless men with their hands down their pants, and bucked-teeth Brooklynites who hit on me (even with my headphones on) during the course of the ride.  It was entertaininment......

Meanwhile {back at the ranch} I have one more texas history lesson:

The tools that Texans use are made from adobe.  Can you all say ADOOOOBEEE?


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