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I mixed the platforms, I bought the wrong ticket, my steering-wheel blocked me and I couldn't get out on the proper station... and I had to come back, all went wrong till the time when I reached Komorów, and the sun appeared shining and my friend Jana treated me to the dinner in her house :)

Next I was enjoying warm colours of October and... my new discover - the small house that belonged to Maria Dąbrowska - the author of "Nights and days".  I don't know what is better - the novel,  the movie or the movie music? I like all of it.


I have found a piece of this novel in the internet so I copied it here...

" [...] The young person at whom he was looking so incessantly, wore a sequin-covered blouse and a black folded skirt with the sides pinned up in a manner which, to him appeared much less exaggerated than other women.

Maria Dąbrowska house, nowadays library
She looked eighteen at most, her hair was black and cut short like a boy's, her eyes - he did not yet have time to notice their color; her face, small, but clearly delineated, proud and sincere. Of a free yet restrained manner and uninhibited movements, she was bustling about the ballroom in her golden little cuirass, which all the while reflected the light in thousands of golden zigzags and twists.

Someone from the household passed by the guest who was occupied with gazing and who then shuddered with embarrassment and asked: 'Who is this young lady in the zigzagged blouse?'

The young man who thus inquired was Bogumil Niechcic." [...]  "Nights and days" by Maria Dąbrowska


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Maria Dąbrowska house, nowadays l…
Maria Dąbrowska house, nowadays …
Warszawa-Zachodnia railway station
Warszawa-Zachodnia railway station
photo by: AlicjaK
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