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Palace has got so many nicknames that hard to find the different skyscraper witch has them more.  So, these which I know or about which I found out are seven and it follows:
-sen szalonego cukiernika (mad confectioner's dream),
-Russian Wedding Cake,
-Pajac (clown)
-strzykawa (Stalin's syringe)
-rakieta (rocket)
-Pekin (Beijing in Polish, it's because of its abbreviation PKiN)

Lew Rudniew, who was its architect wanted it to be the office built in the polish style. I found information that his visit to Poland was his first trip to the "west" of the Soviet Union; besides Cracow, his research for the design took him to such other Polish "occidental" cities as Sandomierz, Torun, Chelmno, Kielce and Kazimierz nad Wisla.

Well, am afraid it didn't help Mr Rudniew to discover our style, or had no time to study it properly, because Palace has nothing common with polish style. There are no other even a little similar building in whole Poland, as wide and long country is,  hehe... it seems Rudniew failed. But I have to admit that he had to be the talented engineer. Building is very solid. But our Palace isn't the best Rudniew masterwork. It is said that the best one is Moscow State University. I think it is the true. I was trying to find some more information about the architect, because I think this person is much more interesting to know then Big Brother (Stalin is out of my interest right now). So I found the russia web and the Rudniew quotation about his masterwork what seems to be interesting to read (I copied it and tried to translate more or less properly) : 

«Если бы меня спросили, - писал мастер, - что лежит в основе архитектурного творчества, как нужно приступить к созданию того или иного образа, я бы ответил: забудь, что ты «архитектор»; постарайся не думать о твоем архитектурном багаже (а он у тебя должен быть немалый), забудь свою привязанность к любимым тобою мотивам и архитектурным формам, к наследию прошлого или к достижению сегодняшнего дня.

PKiN (Pałac Kultury i Nauki)
Не будь рабом любимого мотива, не смотри на него, как на канон, продумай поставленную перед тобой задачу как человек посторонний, не «специалист». Раньше всего найди идею сооружения, его душу, его характер, его образ...»

"If they would ask me,-master wrote-what it lies at bases of architect's works, how approaches to such or different work, I would answer: forget that you are architect, try to does not think about your architectural baggage (and it should be large), forget about your attachment to favourite motives and architectural forms, to heritage of past and the achievements of today's day.

Be not the slave of favourite motive, do not hold on him how canon, think over put before you task, how outside man, not a master. First of all find the idea of building, its soul, its charakter, its picture..." 

Well,  it's pity that Rudniew proposed to forget about heritage in architecture, but wanted discover its soul and charakter because it just don't work.  I really can't find the logician of his thinking, but maybe I still didn't read enough about our Palace and his work to understand master. ............................................

Russia sent 3500 workers to do it, well...maybe they really want us to love this gift. And no one need permission when there is the deadly hot friendship ;/
The construction of Big Brother Palace was an expensive gift.

It took three years and claimed human lives.

During the New Year Eve in 2000 the clock tower was added - the world's second-tallest (the tollest is in Japan-NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building. They installed their clock in 2002. Our tower clock is ten meters shorter, hehehe. But maybe we will add some more floors and will be the first one again :P  But then the architects must find any smart idea to make it visible for people.  Anyway, now four clock shields have six metres diameter, each of them and is visible when there is no fog or rain. I like the cloks, so this idea seems to be ok :)

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PKiN (Pałac Kultury i Nauki)
photo by: scarlettwitch