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Last time I was so sick of the life in the big city that when my work-time was over I drove far away from it. It was friday afternoon, the road to Krakow was fool of the different cars and tired drivers. When I enterd Krakow it was dark and getting late, maybe about 8.30pm. I did a short brake to drink the cheap coffe (just awful) and set out the last part of my journey. One of the places that I discovered during this weekend was Lanckorona.

My dear fellow Travbuddies and friends, there is a lot to say about Lanckorona, but right know I let you know just some basic facts that I have found. It is said that Lanckorona was probably established and settled by German colonists at the turn of 12th and 13th centuries. They erected also a small fortress on a hill. In 14th century, King Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) tuned the fortress into a castle made of brick and stone. Also he granted town privileges to the village and founded a parish church.  The town was growing till our dear neighbours from the north stopped good luck of Lanckorona. It was 1655-1660 and we named it Swedish invasion!!!  It seemed Wiking's descendant really liked to travell and they visited our land too ;) But if you think that we didn't have more visitors, you are.... maybe just a little naive! ;) 

More info will come soon.



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it is said the ruins of the castle…
it is said the ruins of the castl…
King Kazimierz Wielki
King Kazimierz Wielki
photo by: AlicjaK