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Born in Israel in 1988 to an English mother and an Israeli father (whose parents where both Hungarian) i was a very active child who was bordering on being hyper active. From the minute i could express myself i started being a very creative person and soon became a very popular and surprisingly independent 5 year old. But all this was to change in April of 1998 on the first day after the holiday when i went back to school. On this specific day (the exact date of which i can’t remember) i woke up with fear in me! I asked my mother to accompany me till the very last moment before i boarded the bus and she did.....but when that moment came i simply couldn’t do it. I was struck with a fear so great that i could barely breathe! I was later to be told that this was my first panic attack. i will spare you the story of how this fear controlled my life for the rest of my teens but i will just say that it meant that i could barely leave my house without my parents or sisters and if i did i had to know exactly where they where, where they where going, which route they where taking etc etc etc
this was especially bad with my mother. She suffered the most from it...maybe even as much as i did.

This crippling fear, anxiety and panic lead me to mature allot faster than i should have and meant that until today i always over think things and i am convinced it will be my undoing. But that’s exactly why i refuse to let it be exactly that! I am now 20 and have all but overcome my panic attacks although they do return in times of change. but at this point i am old enough to realize that I’m young enough to make bad choices and be let off and old enough to realize that if i don’t do them now....i will never be able to. So despite every instinct in every bone in my body in the last year I’ve intentionally been making bad choices mainly small things but also leading to mild drug abuse which i don’t wish to discuss. I’ve always been a strong believe that the best way to learn is the hard way, in fact i think humanity is the perfect example of that, with all the knowledge our ancestors have we take from it the smallest amount imaginable! But that’s another story all together.

Having failed a meager attempt at getting into university to peruse my passion for photography i did what i promised to myself i would do if the university plan wouldn’t go through, and that’s what lead me here! To Travel Buddy! Having abandoned Myspace and Facebook and their rather discussing artificial, superficial, 'scene' ways i hoped Travel buddy would give me what i wanted. Friends who will show me the world they know and join me to explore the world neither of us know.
My attempt to push myself over my comfort zone was answered by a bunch of people who had already arranged a whole trip to Spain and Portugal and that i was simply invited to join! I couldn’t believe my luck. This luck had then continued when I found out that one of the group (Lori) was continuing her trip after Spain and Portugal to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is a part of the world which has barely registered on my radar, I know very little about it…despite my heritage from both sides of my family. So I figured it was perfect. Lori was only to happy to let me tag along, for which btw I am VERY thankful (Lori if your reading this….i owe you one…but if your not then I guess I’m one up lol) having mentioned and thanked Lori i think its only right that i should mention Lauro (or as i call him 'my little monkey' )...they guy who found my message on the 'travel buddy' forum and envied me to join the Spain and Portugal trip which he had planned. Lauro seems like a very interesting guy with a great sense of humor. From the little i know about him i predict that i will learn a lot from this rather funny little man.

So at this point several people have a plan which i don’t really know very well and intend to keep that way. i will follow like a puppy for a month or so at which point i will hopefully gain some traveling skills and 'know how' (not to mention self confidence and courage and continue my trip to which ever direction the wind blows, which ever direction my feet take me and where ever my heart, mind and body crave to be.


mayerel says:
Hey! Thanks for sharing this! I too get very bad anxiety and panic attacks (I've also made some...interesting...choices in the past when it comes to drug use and such).
Glad you're getting out there and trying new things!
Posted on: Jul 15, 2008
smeeb20000 says:
i really hope your wrong you big headed bastard! lol no but your right i hope they are all as cool as you! i know we only met for a short time but im really gonna miss you man! count on a visit from me when your back in oz!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
ben_brett_1111 says:
Good on you buddy, you'll have a great time and make great friends. Obviously not as cool as me, but still pretty good.
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
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