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Fishes in a lake on Skara Sommarland.

I think the most of our two days in Skara reads in previous entry (my review of Skara Sommarland). We were in Skara Sommarland almost whole July 24th day. On 25th we went there again. Both days were cold, cloudy and i think that in one point it rained. We still tried to swim and used the rides and the day was fun. We also went to sightseeing tour which goes around whole park. I think most funniest thing in the park was fishes of the lake. When you walked across the bridge or at the shore, fishes came to swim near to you. If you throwed food into lake (not forbidden) fishes swam fast the eat it. It was really fun the watch them and throw bits of my waffle to them. :)

We weren't there as long as in first day. I think in bad weather one day is enough in the park, but in good weather two days is better time 'cause you can go swimming. Well I think we have lots of good memories from Skara. Not only from Skara Sommarland, I liked too about our hotel. I think it's name was Stadskällaren or something like that. Price was fitting in our budget and staff was well-mannered. The room was a bit small, but we didn't spend much time in it so it didn't matter.

I don't have much more to say about Skara so I quit this entry here. What happened after we left Skara Sommarland in this date reads on next entry (like from end of some tv-series.. "on the next episode" :D).

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Fishes in a lake on Skara Sommarla…
Fishes in a lake on Skara Sommarl…
Our hotel room... What a mess!
Our hotel room... What a mess!
Are they a bit crazy?
Are they a bit crazy?
photo by: Marjis