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Look you can see the cub underneath!
For the big day of hiking we got up and took the shuttle to Moro Rock. We first headed to the market to get a trail map (didnt really need it) and get the wilderness permit my two friends would need to go backpacking the next day. We got super lucky and caught pictures of a bear that was near the campground edge. The rangers had him corralled a bit and were kind of chasing him away from the Market/ Visitors Center.  I was so excited to see a bear as I wasnt sure we would get to. It must have been a mama bear as there was a little cub with her!

After arriving at Moro rock we went on a small hike over to Hanging rock which gave us a nice view of the road we took to the park along with the top of Moro rock. Three of my friends were actually afraid of heights and so didnt go too close to the edge.
The zoomed in view of the top of Moro rock from Hanging Rock
After that we made our way over to Moro Rock to climb to the top of that. It had a steep 1/4 mile staircase cut into the granite rock which climbs over 300 ft. to the summit of the dome. It  is worth mentioning that my friend Gareth spent most of his time climbing up crouched down and really clinging to the side of the rock away from the view, due to his fear of heights. At one point at 6 year old girl passes him on the stair and my friend Mel says to him "hey Gareth you can't let a 6 year old girl beat you!" My friend Gareth turns to us and most emphatically states "The Hell I can't! Ill let anyone I want beat me to the top!" We all broke out in laughter and I even think the little girl's dad snickered.

From the top, we had a pretty sweet view of the Great Western Divide and the same wide view of the western half of the park that we drove through to get here.
Me at the top of Moro Rock
The park website talks about the Great Western Divide which was really rather cool to see. I took several zoomed in pictures and stitched them together as a pamorama at home:

"This chain of mountains runs north/south through the center of Sequoia National Park, "dividing" the watersheds of the Kaweah River to the west and the Kern River to the east. Also on the eastern side of the divide is Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. Unfortunately, because many of the snowcapped peaks in the Great Western Divide reach altitudes of 12,000 ft. (3657 meters) or higher, it is impossible to see over them to view Mt. Whitney from Moro Rock. The summit of Alta Peak, a strenuous 7-mile hike from the Wolverton picnic area, is the closest place from which to see Mt.
Group shot in Crescent Meadow.

My friends really want to do the two week backpacking trip through the park to Mt. Whitney sometime. Uh, yeah maybe when I have more vacation time, become capable of carrying an extra 20% of my body weight around 12 hours a day and somehow get used to the idea of peeing and pooing in the complete outdoors!??!!!

It was kind of hazy as June I guess is the worst month for air pollution in the park. All the pollution from the San Jaquine Valley (heavy farming area) rises up on the new summer heat and goes right into the park. I'd love come back and see this place in September but Im sure I would need heavier jackets just to start.

After that we headed down a little cute trail to Crescent Meadow. You can hike around it but we were getting kind of tired so after a few pictures we headed back.
pushirubiano says:
I recently visited Sequoia and really like reading your blog about it. We couldn't do Moro Rock because of the weather :-(
We did see bears though. Cool!!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
X_Drive says:
Unfortunately, the air in the San Joaquin valley continues to get worse every year, but only a portion is from spraying the crops and dust. Most is auto related and comes in from the pass near San Fran. and down the valley. The bottom end of the valley is worse near Bakersfield. Nowhere for it to go from there.
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
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Look you can see the cub underneat…
Look you can see the cub undernea…
The zoomed in view of the top of M…
The zoomed in view of the top of …
Me at the top of Moro Rock
Me at the top of Moro Rock
Group shot in Crescent Meadow.
Group shot in Crescent Meadow.
A Bear!!
A Bear!!
The Roosevelt tree is pretty big t…
The Roosevelt tree is pretty big …
The view from Hanging rock of the …
The view from Hanging rock of the…
The very hazy zoomed in panorama v…
The very hazy zoomed in panorama …
Panorama of Crescent Meadow.
Panorama of Crescent Meadow.
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