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Aliso Viejo at 5:30am

The last time I had been to Sequoia National park I was probably 5 years old. I don’t remember it at all but my mother assures me I have been there. I have a list of national parks I would like to visit in my life time and even though I had technically gone to Sequoia I didn’t think it was fair unless I was able to remember it. So, at the end of last summer, dying in the heat, I thought to myself... I should really go camping, somewhere high in the mountains where it is nice and cool and pretty.

Unfortunately things book up quickly and after September you need snow gear in most high elevations so it would have to wait until the summer of 2008.

The drive up the mountain
I did my research, found what I was looking for and this past December I made reservations at the popular centrally located campsite of Lodgepole. It had showers, laundry, woods, high elevation and a free park shuttle that took you to some of the neat touristy things to do in the park. Now all I needed were up to 5 companions and for summer to get here already!!

Oh and I suppose some new hiking shoes… a new sleeping bag seemed nice… hey what’s a new trip without some shopping ???!!! My friend who works at REI managed to get me a tent that had been returned and was being re sold for cheap. My old tent was still good but this one was a little bigger and could be used as a backpacking tent if I ever got into that. I also followed her to their once a year sale and got some nice hiking boots. After a trip to Target for a new air mattress and sleeping bag, (eh why not?) I was all set.

We woke up and went to sleep to the sound of rushing water


The day dawned and I got up at 5am, left my house by 5:30am and got to my friends house in Anaheim by 6am. We loaded up his truck with all our stuff we hit the road by 7am. It was a long drive but I was ready. I had packed everything really tight. We still had too much stuff but with 6 people and only two cars allowed in the park per campsite it was bound to be tight.

We made it to Visalia, had a hell of a time finding a grocery store and then had lunch. Two hours, 4000 ft. and one long mountain road later we found ourselves at the 72oF, 6700 ft and looking at a campground that rested right on a nice rushing river. Me and my friend unloaded, set up our tents and took a glorious glorious nap until the others arrived. The drive up was really nice, espeically as you got closer to the actual campsite. They are not kidding when they say these are the biggest trees in the world.

X_Drive says:
Why do people have a hard time finding a grocery store here? We have plenty! :) Wish you would asked me before hand and stopped to see me too. We always want to help. Glad you enjoyed your trip. :)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
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Aliso Viejo at 5:30am
Aliso Viejo at 5:30am
The drive up the mountain
The drive up the mountain
We woke up and went to sleep to th…
We woke up and went to sleep to t…
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