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Athens was amazing!  I have to say though, the city was not at all how I had imagined it.  This surprise is probably a result of my lack of research on modern day Athens, but nonetheless, I was surprised.  Athens is a city where the history books could go on and on about.  Greek mythology, the Byzantine empire, Greek orthodox churches, the list goes on and on.  I have ready several peices of literature and take classes on these topics however, none of this compares to seeing first hand where it all began.  To witness the ruins left over from Zeus' Temple, the Parthanon, etc...was an experience like no other.  I have to say though, my favorite part of Greece was not Athens.  No, the part that takes the cake was getting to visit the city of Corinth, and than going through Ancient Corinth.  We began the trip there by hiking up a huge mountain up and through the Acrocorinth.  After recovering from the sever loss of breath from the physical beating I had just given myself, I had a chance to look out over the city from the top of the mountain and found myself in absolute awe of what I saw.  I was looking out into the mediterranian, seeing the old ruins, and I was speechless.  After making the long trek back down the mountain, we paid a visit to Ancient Corinth.  WOW!  I got to walk the streets that Paul walked.  I stood in front of the Behma that is spoken about in the book of Acts, where Paul was brought to be accused.  Here I am, standing in the same spot that one of the greatest men of the Bible stood, and one of the authors who's writings I hold in the highest respect!  I left with such a new appreciation of the Bible and still can't even find the correct words to fully describe the amazement I felt from being there. 

Another characteristic I have to chalk up to the Greeks as a full on success is their food.  Oh my gosh!!  I have never been a huge salad eater, but the greek salad has to be one of the greatest things I have ever tasted.  Not to mention that we got the gyro all wrong in the states. ha ha.  The original greek gyro was so mouthwatering that after I finished the first one, I found myself looking forward to the next time I was hungry so I could enjoy one again. 

Greece was an amazing journey. 

elle-mo says:
that sounds so cool! that's so neat that such ancient things have survived all this time. (oh, and i totally agree about greek food!!! one of my best friends from college is from greece and omg, her mom's home-cooked meals are ridiculously good!)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
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