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I've never been one for poetry. I'm good at expressing myself in prose, but not in poetry. This is my lame attempt converting what I'm feeling at the moment into a poem.

You’re so blind that you can’t even see,

What your smile is doing to me,

I hide behind a mask of tease and taunts,

These feelings that are dying to come out and tell the world

That your smile is making me...

Crumble inside, melt inside, fly inside.


And when you look at me that way,

I lose all feeling in my feet!

My knees! They give out from under me,

And disappear into those eyes that look at me

The way you look at me

Like I’m heaven in your mind, like I’m a thousand smilies in your heart

All fluttering with white, fluffy wings that take you away to a higher place

Where you find me, your heaven, waiting for you


No, don’t say that I matter!

DON’T say you miss me every day

It just makes it difficult for me to think straight

Like the sensible woman I am

I become mush just hearing you say you want me, need me, got to have me!

It’s not who I am or what I want to be


If I matter, show me that it’s true!

So that I wouldn’t have to wonder

If your smile and your eyes really belong to me

Or they're just another of my wishful fantasies.


bodtkd says:
Great poem!!!! I love it!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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