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About three Sundays ago, I made a date to meet a friend for lunch at the Suria KLCC, a classy, upmarket mall located at the foot of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. We planned to meet at the Ground Floor, overlooking the concourse.

I arrived 15 minutes early, so caught up on some reading (Reader’s Digest, June issue). Seconds later, I hear this deep voice say ‘Hello’. I look up to see this giant of a man standing in front of me, with a slight smile on his face, as his eyes give me the once-over. Oh no! I thought. He’s about to hit on me.

I politely respond with a yes, and he replies by asking me how I was. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: “I’m… err… good, thanks. Is there something I can do for you?”

Big guy: “You seem like a nice lady, and I was wondering if I could get to know you.”

Me: “I… err… I…”

Big guy: “Are you waiting for someone?”

Me: “YES! Yes, I am.”

Big guy: “A boyfriend?”

Me: “A friend.” (I can’t lie! He might have been stalking me, and then what!!)

Big guy: “Then perhaps you’ll do me the honor of getting to know you. My name is Nicholas. What’s your name?”

Me: “I… err… I…”

Big guy: “What is your number? Maybe I could text you later.”

Me: (After finally done with being nice) “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested. I really have to go.”

And before he could say anything else, I practically run to the ladies’ room! Then I call my friend and tell her that I’m hiding out there, and for her to meet me at my hideout.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been hit on by a man from the African continent in that mall. The last few times it’s happened, the conversation went along similar lines. Malaysian men hardly ever hit on a woman in a mall. They do it in a bar, usually after a couple of beers, but never when they’re sober, in a brightly lit, public location, for fear of open rejection and the subsequent humiliation that follows. I know how difficult it is for you guys to walk up to a woman and start a conversation. There is always the possibility of rejection, and if you use a lame pick-up line, the definite possibility of a smack across the face or her cocktail ending up on your shirt. I don’t usually have guys come up to me to say hi. They would usually chat up my smaller, prettier friends at a bar, but not me. If they did, they were usually much older, or very much intoxicated. Which is why, I always make the first move, until I turned 30 a few years ago and decided to not waste my time getting rejected! Well, that is no longer the case these days as I spend my weekends at the cinema, in a bookstore or a nice restaurant. But I digress!

For those not in the know, local colleges offer a lot of undergraduate external programmes (especially from the UK and Australia) and the tuition fees are very reasonable that there have been an increase in the number of foreign students (young and matured) who live and study here, especially those from the African continent.  It is these men (or really young men who look mature for their age!) that I, for some reason, seem to attract.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t flattered by the attention, but the difference between men from the African continent (I say this because I do not want to assume which country in Africa they come from, but I know that they are from the African continent because of their accents) and those from other cultures/countries or even the locals, is that they are fearless, shameless creatures who do not think twice about walking up to a woman to ask her for her number or out on a date if they find her attractive. It is this aggressiveness that I find a little scary.

Still, I do not think that I will ever be able to avoid them, unless I stop going out altogether, or refrain from taking the bus (yes, some have even hit on me in the bus, when they’ve  sat next to me).  Sigh… the perils one goes through when one is remotely attractive... :P

acowboy says:
i'm telling ya, attractiveness is not a gift... good to know since i am ugly... = )
Posted on: Jun 30, 2008
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